Apple Vs Gaming Industry: Apple Is Now The Gamings’ Latest BAD GUY!

  • AUTHOR: anam
  • POSTED ON: August 17, 2020

With the cloud ban and fortnite feud, Apple is all set to wage war against the gaming industry!

Apple has always been in a love & hate relationship with the gaming industry. Still, this month their relationship turned into a fierce rivalry with the legal and regulatory war that could define the future of iOS applications.

This feud escalated when Apple released a statement explicitly telling why the company has no plans to permit cloud gaming services from its tech competitors Google and Microsoft.

The fight gets even more intense when Apple kicked out the most famous battle royale hit Fortnite from the Apple store after it’s founder, Epic Games, introduced an update that violates the company’s policy.

Epic Games slammed an antitrust lawsuit to Apple, officially starting up a war with Apple being the corporate bad guy aggressively taxing and restricting developers. Epic’s lawsuit argues that the company’s action related to Fortnite also breaks the law.

Microsoft’s Xbox team also released an aggressive statement against Apple, stating, Apple stands alone in this decision to deny users from cloud gaming as well as game subscriptions such as Xbox Game Pass. Apple treats gaming apps contrarily, setting more lenient rules for non-gaming apps, including the ones having interactive content.

The gaming community is quite skeptical about all of Apple’s actions, including kicking out Fortnite or banning cloud gaming services, and the company’s commitment to offering the best games to mobile.

Analysts think that Apple is jeopardizing a whole generation of young game enthusiasts, and game-loving smartphone owners who prefer gaming platforms and services that Apple has continuously shown no control over them whatsoever.

Apple, a company that stores a treasure of most lucrative games of the last decade, has now banned one of the most famous mobile games ever from its store – a rule-violating update. By doing this, Apple is explicitly opposing cloud gaming platforms that could bring the PC games into Iphones and Ipads’s screens.

On the other hand, Epic is standing firm against Apple’s bullying behavior and waging war against Apple’s well-formulated policies by ignoring the company’s 30-per cent cut in a dramatic, public and legal way (Though, only a few had the guts to do that before).  

The only problem is that a vast population of the game enthusiasts who own smartphones won’t be included to have a ride-along. That’s because Apple believes that these products and services are not in the company’s interest. While Apple’s app store may be comfortable and reliable in so many ways, it’s narrow and restrictive policies continue to be a hassle for game lovers and developers, especially when innovations and services are contradicting their App’s store policies.

Updated August 17, 2020
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