Apple’s AirPods Pro Are Being Sold For $200 At Staples

  • AUTHOR: dua
  • POSTED ON: September 14, 2020

Apple users are in for
a treat because
is selling AirPods Pro for an alarming$200!

Now take a deep breath
and understand that the discount only lasts till 19th September and
the earbuds will go back to their usual retail price once

the deal’s off. This
isn’t the first time Staples has pulled this trick. The strategy worked
fantastically back in August as well, when it made a similar weeklong
promotion. Obviously, fans went crazy and the stock sold out in only one day.

If you’re smart, you’ll
grab these earbuds as soon as possible, before they get sold out – I mean, come
on, this is the lowest price the earbuds have ever seen.

Now here’s what you
get: A customizable fit including three silicon tip sizes, which makes the ear
buds far more flexible. In addition to this, these earbuds include
active noise cancellation and a much better sound quality. Oh, you also get a
wireless charging case!

You know the drill,
AirPods compliment other Apple devices the best.

Also, Staple is also
putting the standard AirPods up
$130 which is $30
off its usual retail price. If you’re
up for spending an additional $35, you should look into buying a wireless
charging case – currently available at the discounted price of $165



Updated September 14, 2020
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