Apple’s New Event ‘Time Flies’ to be held on September 15th

  • AUTHOR: dua
  • POSTED ON: September 10, 2020

September is usually
the month when Apple announces new iPhones, but this year is different.

The tech giant has
announced that its new event will be held on September 15th along
with an interesting tagline “Time Flies” – possibly a new Apple watch?

The event is taking
place rather late, but we’re assuming that these delays are occurring due to
the ongoing pandemic. Apple has also confirmed that it wouldn’t be shipping the
new phones in September. This event invitation, however, is pretty cryptic as
we’re not sure what to expect.

We’ve not been given
any specifications, but we have been told that an announcement for its new
lineup of hardware might be just around the corner. The Fall line might include
new phones, the Apple Watch Series 6, an updated iPad Air, and possibly a

The tagline indicates
that priority would be given to the Apple Watch, and why shouldn’t Apple put the
spotlight on the rumored blood oxygen monitoring and sleep tracking device?
Apparently a cheaper replacement for the Series 3 model is also expected.

If we review the
YouTube page for Apple, we may realize that the company is hinting at a new iPad announcement, too!

This is what we know so
far: Apple will announce four new iPhones by the end of this year along with
ARM-powered Apple silicon Macs. Again, the details will be revealed much later.



Updated September 10, 2020
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