Apple’s Surprise Pisses Off Developers

  • AUTHOR: anam
  • POSTED ON: September 17, 2020

Apple fans, who were desperately anticipating an iPhone 12 launch at the Apple Event today, maybe a little heartbroken. However, Apple has given them a candy to stick around instead: an announcement that iOS 14 will be released tomorrow.

The news is great for iPhone users but also surprised iPhone users! Unless you’re an iPhone app developer, cuz the latter are hot under the collar with the news…

“I think a lot of developers won’t be sleeping tonight or will instead just give up and opt to release (their app) when they want to, instead of alongside the new OS,” said iOS developer Shihab Mehboob in a tweet. “Apple has seemingly out of the blue decided to surprise developers with no real warning or care.”

Shihab said he was one of the lucky developers, as he completed his app— an iOS product for Twitter— just in time for the surprise the next-day iOS 14 release tomorrow.

However, just because he finished up the app development process, doesn’t mean he didn’t have to break his leg at night.

The 11th-hour chaos is proving to be a problem! Shihab still has to get his app through Apple’s review process. But he’s not alone in this! It appears that many developers are having issues submitting their apps to Apple.

“Without advance warning like this, nothing is ready,” a developer at High Caffeine Content, Steve Troughton-Smith, told us. “Developers aren’t ready, the App Store isn’t ready, and everybody is rushing to react instead of having the chance to finish their apps properly.”

Apple usually notifies third-party developers to be prepared a week before the official public announcement of a new iOS. The company releases a “Golden Master” copy of the new iOS and Xcode developer tool ahead of the new operating system that is officially announced to the public. This provides iOS app developers some time to work on the apps and ensure everything works fine before the beta release of the new iOS. Sometimes, developers found critical bugs and issues which can be fixed at this stage of the process.

The extra time can prove to be a jackpot to add new features for any latest gadgets launched at the Apple Event. In addition, Apple’s review and approval process for apps also take some time, so developers have a week to ensure that their hardly-done work would be in the play store for the iOS release.

“Gone are the hopes of being on the store by the time users install the new iOS 14 and are looking for new apps. Gone is the chance to get some last-minute fixes into your existing apps to make sure they don’t stop working outright by the time users get to upgrade their OS,” Steve explained.

“There are some developers who have spent all summer working on something new, using the latest technologies, hoping to be there on day one and participate in the new excitement (and press coverage) of the new iOS,” he continued. “For many of them, they’ll be incredibly upset to have it end like this instead of a triumphant launch, and it can dramatically decrease the amount of coverage or sales they receive.”

Some developers have been optimistic with the news throughout. There will be no crazy rush to get their app out in time for the surprise release, said one iOS developer in a tweet.

But, at the end of the day, there are many developers who do anticipate iOS release days. It’s like a golden opportunity that comes only once in a year, where the possible eyes are seeking the App Store for new releases and apps.

Updated September 17, 2020
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