Attack on Titan Season 4| The Other Side of The Sea | A Cruel Attack on Titan Returns

  • POSTED ON: December 8, 2020

After months of waiting impatiently to get some of our most burning questions answered, we finally have the most anticipated return of Attack on Titan or Shingeki no Kyojin. The anime has made a comeback with its season 4 and fans are dying to know what new adventures Eren and company will go on this time around.

At the end of the finale of season three, the show had jumped nearly a year forward in time and the group seemed ready and more enthusiastic as ever to realize their purpose. Like all the previous seemingly-impossible fights they had won, they’re now embarking on a new journey of going to Paradis Island and to defeat the corrupt king. But as they prepared for the great fight in the last season, one question remained in mind: “If we kill all of our enemies over there, will we finally be free?”

We’re hoping to get a satisfactory conclusion in the fourth and final season of the anime, as it sets the stage for an ending that seems big and rewarding.

The first episode, ‘the other side of the sea’ didn’t feature any of the original characters including Eren and the group. If you think that Eren, Mikasa, Levi, and Armin are still the main characters of the show, you’d be wrong.

Even the title sequence and opening theme have been completely rearranged. If the title didn’t show the anime name ‘Attack on Titan’, it would be difficult to guess that it’s the same show. It’s amazing how many new elements have been introduced in the first episode of this new season. It sparks a newfound interest in the show but also feels a little destabilizing and unfamiliar at the same time.

Attack on Titan also premieres on Netflix, and it seems that the creators of the show love how they’re messing with the viewers’ heads. The first episode leaves us confused as a new character Falco Grice leads the episode and shows the Eldian army fighting a war that has gone on for four years.

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This cruel Attack on Titan’s return also plays with the idea that the previous story arc with Eren and the group was nothing but a dream that Falco was caught up in. It could be considered a possibility that Falco is living the experiences and memories of his ancestors and that he is the real main character of the show. This theory is similar to the way Eren experienced Grisha’s memories and past.

What gives us a ray of hope that these events might be happening in the reality is the appearance of Zeke and Reiner. We can only guess that the storylines of Eren and the group will coincide with Falco’s story arc sometime in the future, and we’ll get to see our favorite characters in action once again.

The end credits of the episode, however, don’t show that the original characters are still the main characters of the anime. The challenge with having new characters with the return of the show is that they’ll have to stand out as well as the older characters did. Clearly, those are some big shoes to fill, as the audiences have invested their love and time and witnessed the growth of those characters.

Attack on Titan season 4, episode 1 checks all the boxes for Titan action, especially in scenes when it rains Titans or when the brutal fight at the naval unit takes place.

On an end note, Titan returns with a phenomenal start and we hope as the story arc continues, all our burning questions will be answered.

The first episode can be considered one of the most exciting episodes of the show. This made us want to list down all the best Attack on Titan episodes that have left us in shock and admiration from the beginning of the anime series.

“That Day” Episode 20, Season 3

This episode helped us figure out many mysteries, but at the same time, it created new ones. We learned that a whole new world exists beyond the walls. Moreover, it shows us how the Titans came into existence along with the truth about Eren’s ability to transform.

The secret to the success of this episode exists in the fact that it makes you want to go back to episode one to figure out if you missed some hints from back then.

“Perfect Game” Episode 16, Season 3

This one makes you lose all hope when Eren is knocked out while fighting the Colossal Titan. Armin is then put in charge of the operation, but the problem is, he doesn’t know what to do. All this time, the Beast Titan is killing anybody in its sight. To the audience, it seems that the group is on a suicide mission, and the horrors of war are made evident in the episode.

“Hero” Episode 17, Season 3

A continuation of the “Perfect Game”, this episode brings back hope and you find yourself cheering on the characters. The titans are being defeated left and right. Levi goes up against Beast Titan but the Cart Titan rescues him.

One of the saddest moments is when Armin sacrifices himself to let Eren get close to the Armored Titan. This is an episode that keeps you on your toes.

“Ruler of the Walls” Episode 9, Season 3

The biggest Titan of all, Rod is blown up in a trap while he drags himself along the way to reach the Orvud District. His neck is blown up and after then Historia, his Titan daughter proclaims herself as the new ruler. It’s honestly stuff that nightmares are made of. The pace of this episode should be appreciated and it ends the first part of the third season in a pretty satisfying manner.

So, this is all about the latest and thrilling start of this new season. Stay tuned to Hayvine to get some more insights and information about this deadly attack!

Updated December 8, 2020
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