Awesome! Super Nintendo World Will Open in Japan Next Spring 2021

  • AUTHOR: midhat
  • POSTED ON: October 8, 2020

fans assemble, the wait is finally over!

Nintendo has finally announced that it’s opening
the first theme park, Super Nintendo World, in Osaka at Universal Studios Japan next spring.

It was originally intended to open prior to Tokyo’s 2020
Summer Olympics, but it was delayed as well as the Games because of the pandemic.

Next week, Nintendo also has plans to open a
separate themed cafe as well as a store at the Hollywood area of the Universal Studio Japan.

Check out, how it’s going to look like:

Source: Mashable

Source: Mashable

Source: Mahsable

Mario and Luigi-themed cakes and pancakes will be
served at the cafe. Also, there will be a tropical bottle with a Super Mushroom drink and moustachioed fruit cream sodas:

Source: Nintendo

And yes, there will be Nintendo-themed goodies and
stuff for sale too:

The store and cafe will be open for the public
from 16
th October.

Super Nintendo World is going to be Nintendo’s
biggest stunt to license its IP beyond the consoles and screens. Visitors will
have smart wristbands that connect with a mobile app so that they can
participate in a coin-collecting metagame. The park will also have traditional
attractions including the Mario Kart ride.

Nintendo also has plans
to open similar themed-parks at the Hollywood, Orlando, and Singapore parks. 

Updated October 8, 2020
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