Can ARM based Chips Replace Intel and AMD?

  • AUTHOR: isbah
  • POSTED ON: June 24, 2020

Apple has always marketed the ARM-based chips
as super-efficient. In 2018, the tech company said that its latest iPad Pro was much faster than 92% of all portable PCs and it was a given that it would soon
replace all the processors with ARM-based chips.

Source: Apple

But are those chips efficient enough to
support all the devices? Can they replace AMD and Intel processors? This
question has a vague answer as during Apple’s 2020 WWDC, the developers’
avoided a definitive reply to the query.

Apple has always talked about its fast ARM
processor but these claims were absent from the conference which did not sit
well with us.

Source: Apple

However, the company did show how the processor operates and a low-power ARM
desktop could be seen handling a range of power user apps on Mac such as:

-Adobe Photoshop, Versions of Microsoft Office, and Lightroom natively running on ARM

-Rotating around a photorealistic stone face in Cinema 4D

-Three streams of simultaneous 4K Pro Res video
in Final Cut Pro

-Rotating around a 6-million polygon scene in
Autodesk’s Maya animation studio, with textures and shaders on top

-Rendering effects in the Unity game engine

-The games Shadow of the Tomb Raider and Dirt:
Rally running on Mac smoothly (but at low-ish resolution and detail)

Source: Apple

Thanks to Apple’s Rosetta 2 conversion software, Apple’s ARM-powered Macs can now automatically translate a few existing Intel apps.

So overall, it seems like Apple is hiding
something about the processor and wants us to wait for future results. One
thing that would make future Apple computers better is high speed but if they
fail to deliver this promise, then the company might lose its credibility due
to the ARM-based chips.


Updated June 24, 2020
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