CD Projekt cyberpunk 2077: Here’s How to Get Your Refund from Sony Being a Unhappy PS4, PS5 Player!

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  • POSTED ON: December 15, 2020

It is being reported
that Sony is refunding Cyberpunk 2077 players as they’re unsatisfied with the game’s
performance on PS4 – even after the typical two-hour playtime limit.

If this is not enough of a bad news, here are some hilarious viral memes and fans reactions to Cyberpunk 2077.

If you check the
Cyberbug2077 hashtag on social media platforms, you’d see how the game keeps
crashing and how players are pointing out flaws in the performance of the game.
It seems that the PS4 users are most upset as they feel cheated by the
ridiculously poor performance of the game. In addition, users of Xbox One also have their
share of complains.

On Reddit, one player
has revealed that when he filed for a support claim online, he was put on hold
for more than an hour. However, when his complain was heard, they were quick to
issue him the refund, and later, they deleted the game off his library.

According to the
player, Sony is issuing business complaints to CDPR regarding the issues (but what about the leaked sex scenes of Cyberpunk 2077 on PornHub?. But
it must be noted that at the time of writing, there’s no confirmation of this

Another player on the
platform complained that they spent an hour on the phone, but after being
denied by the chatbot, they got the refund. If you are not eligible for the refund here’s the set of Cyberbunk 2077 digital goodies for you!

They gave a shout out to SirPanic12
for the suggestion as they were the one who highlighted that the game keeps
crashing and doesn’t progress further.

But if you think that
everybody is getting a refund then you’re misguided – everyone’s not that
lucky. Some players have also been denied of their refund. The OP apparently
returned to the thread to verify that they had removed the game from their PS4,
even the saved data, and dealing with the customer service professionally.

Yesterday, Wes shared
that CD Projekt faced a major slump after the poor reviews for the game. The
reviews seemed to suggest that Cyberpunk may not end up with good scoring after
all. It’s striking to observe that the PC version has a score of 90 metascore
on Metacritic!

Anyway, PlayStation 4
and Xbox One, the two versions facing the most criticism, don’t have any
metascoring as of yet.  The PS4 version
has scored 2.7 whereas the Xbox One is not that far and is given 3.5!

The head of CD Projekt have
assured the staff that they will get their bonuses despite the
poor launch of Cyberpunk 2077. Furthermore, the executives have taken complete responsibility of
the failure.

CD Projekt has
apparently been under fire for its utilization of crunch during the development
of the game. In September, CD Projekt had asked employees to work six-day weeks
till the final launch slated for November – later delayed to December. This shows
that they broke their promises and forced the employees to work overtime.

If you are a PS5
player, and you want to see the reviews of Cyberpunk 2077 or the Cyberpunk fans
unhappy, you can click on the hashtags on social media that have been going
wild. Anyway, PS4 fans unhappy, but at least they’re getting refund from Sony.  


Updated December 15, 2020
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