CES 2021 Roundup: The Insane Gadgets and Innovations in 2021

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  • POSTED ON: January 13, 2021

Here are the new gadgets for men and gadgets for women from CES 2021!

Earlier in January, the tech world was buzzing with Elon
Musk’s news surpassing Jeff Bezos and becoming the richest man in the world.

And that was certainly the most compelling tech development at the beginning of
2021, which rightfully hijacked all of our attention until this week when the
biggest tech companies (and smaller ones too) assembled virtually to present
the most intriguing, useful, innovative and insane devices, cool gadgets, best smart gadgets, smart mobile gadgets, travelling gadgets, at the annual CES
trade show 2021.

It’s no surprise that we can easily call them the best gadgets in 2021 or best electronic gadgets after google gadgets, apple gadgets or Samsung gadgets.

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And we’re glad to break this to you that CES 2021 is by far
the most insane tech show of all time, thanks to Razer’s project, even though the
CES event was held virtually because, you know, the pandemic that has halted product innovation and global technology innovation.

Even if you won’t
consider buying any of these gadgets now or in future, it’s still pretty
fascinating to know how the industry is progressing, how gadgets changed our lives and where we stand right now
in terms of technology, product innovation and greatest innovations.

So, with that in mind, we’ve gathered a list of the best and
the most insane gadgets and innovations in 2021 and from CES 2021, most of
which is expected to launch later this year. (And honestly, you need to be
knocking out any of the billionaires to be able to afford some of it).

Bot Handy

Don’t judge this product by its name; we know it’s quite
boring, but “Samsung Bot Handy” could be a revolutionary device!

still in the development stage, which means we don’t get to see it anytime soon.
Samsung says that the device uses an advanced AI to identify and pick up
objects of different shapes, sizes, and weights and prove very handy with everyday

According to the news and highlights, this AI bot can help you with
house chores such as cleaning, sorting out dishes after a meal and arranging

Well, that’s certainly what every young mom needs right now…

MyQ Pet

The gadget that will no longer make you ask, “Who let
the dogs out?”

MyQ Pet Portal is the latest inclusion to the myQ Smart
Access Ecosystem, which allows pet owners to let dogs out for potty and casual
walk without worrying about their safety in their absence.

It also comes with a
video streaming option where parents can communicate with their pets through
myQ Pet Portal app anytime they want to.

Spatial Reality Display

Words are simply not enough to describe how amazing the
visuals are in this Sony’s latest Spatial Reality Display, so we’ve attached a
video to provide you with a glimpse of this latest gadget. This revolutionary
display offers a compelling 3D viewing experience without aid of 3D glasses to
put it concisely.

It tracks the movements of head and eyes to adapt the visual
in real-time to present it according to a viewer’s perspective as if you’re observing
a real object in our physical world!


Did you ask what are the best gadgets for travelling?

Set aside zoom chats, video calling and so on…. When you can
actually be in different places simultaneously using holograms.

Imverse 3D’s
latest tech solution captures the physical appearance and converts into a
digital one by using dynamic scene rendering, real-time VFX, live data
manipulation and more to create your digital doppelganger anywhere in the

Imverse 3D is a game-changer and makes so much sense especially for the
future we’re going into…Imagine attending a class with your hologram, pretty
exciting right?

Wave Plus with Virus Risk Indicator

A gadget that alerts you whenever the invisible enemy
appears in the air…

Airthings Wave Plus is now available with a virus risk
Indicator to monitor the air you’re breathing.

This gadget makes much more
sense in today’s age when we are surviving through the pandemic. According to
the company, the gadget helps in evaluating four different factors which
connect with airborne virus spread, including the body’s natural defence, virus
survival rate, ventilation rate and room occupancy.”

In a nutshell, this
gadget provides an indoor environment where human beings thrive and not viruses!

Light Drive BML500PW

The concept of smart glass is nothing we haven’t seen
before. In fact, Google has already experimented with this idea (remember
Google Glass?) and failed terribly!

Now Bosch Sesortec is trying their luck
with the same concept, providing the users with a remarkable augmented reality
experience that we all are looking forward to!

These glasses are consisting of
optical elements, MEMS mirrors, onboard processing and sensors. The gadget ensures
the perfect balance of hands-free information, just in time, in a minimalist
format and makes a difference for applications including navigation and
notifications, as well as messaging platforms such as WeChat and WhatsApp.”
according to the company’s press release.

and AirPop Active+

Difficult times give birth to great innovations!

In an attempt to solve the most annoying problems of making
and taking calls while wearing a facemask, Binatone, a Hong-Kong based company
has invented the MaskFone. It is made up of a machine-washable fabric and comes
with an N95 filter.

The most alluring features of this MaskFone are its
built-in microphone and integrated earbuds, making it easier to take and make
calls without exposing yourself to the harmful viral microbes.

The company
claims that the built-in microphone and lightweight earbuds provide remarkable
results with crystal clear audio. Guess we have to wait till the launch date to
find this out.


OrCam read is designed especially for people with reading
difficulties, dyslexia, learning disabilities or reading fatigue.

The device
uses a powerful text-to-speech engine that can read newspapers, books, product
labels, text messages and any written content aloud to the user.

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The company
describes this gadget as a “first-of-its-kind handheld device, read texts
aloud from any printed surface (newspapers, product labels) or digital screen
(computers, smartphones) – in real time.”

Mayflower Autonomous Ship

Would you like to travel in an autonomous ship with an AI
captain? If you ask me, Hell yes! After successfully experimenting automatic
vehicles on the road, now we have an Autonomous Ship!

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Powered by IMB, the
vehicle is a fully autonomous seagoing vessel that consists of an AI captain.
This ship is in development for some time, and now the company has decided to
take it out in the Atlantic Ocean this year… except for any human onboard!

So, which of the above technology surprises you the most?
Let us know in the comment section below!

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Updated January 13, 2021
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