ChatGPT Goes Mobile – Now in 35+ Countries.

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  • POSTED ON: May 26, 2023

Goodbye, browser; we’re moving on to ChatGPT mobile app! OpenAI has just launched its official iOS app for ChatGPT. Now you can access this popular A.I. chatbot on the go, right from your iPhone. No more relying on dubious unofficial services from the App Store. The best part? The ChatGPT app is completely free to use and ad-free. Isn’t that awesome?

With the ChatGPT app, you can do so much more than just run a traditional web search. You can ask questions, seek advice, find inspiration, learn new things, and even research. It’s a powerful tool that puts the knowledge of the internet at your fingertips.

Now, here’s something interesting. The launch of the ChatGPT app might give Apple’s voice assistant, Siri, a run for its money. Let’s face it, Siri has had its fair share of issues, and Apple’s progress in the field of A.I. has been a bit lacking. But with ChatGPT on your phone, you can experience a whole new level of A.I. assistance. And guess what? This could potentially impact Google too. Google is the default search engine on Safari, but with ChatGPT’s mobile version, people might start using it as their primary search and information tool.

The mobile version of ChatGPT also has some cool features. It syncs your search history across devices, so you can easily access what you’ve previously searched for using the web interface. Plus, it has voice input capabilities thanks to Whisper, OpenAI’s open-source speech recognition system. Just speak your queries, and ChatGPT will take care of the rest.

OpenAI takes pride in offering instant answers without the hassle of sifting through ads or multiple results. You won’t find any ads in ChatGPT, unlike some other apps that are starting to sneak ads into their AI-powered chatbots. OpenAI’s app keeps it clean and focuses on providing the best experience.

ChatGPT App Downloads Soars High Amidst Global Expansion

In just six days after its release in the U.S. on May 18, the app has already reached over half a million downloads! This is a remarkable achievement and puts it among the top-performing new apps out there. It even outshined other A.I. and chatbot apps, as well as popular apps like Microsoft Edge and Bing, in terms of downloads, according to

It’s worth mentioning that OpenAI is expanding the reach of the ChatGPT app to more countries after being launched in the USA. Algeria, Argentina, Azerbaijan, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Estonia, Ghana, India, Iraq, Israel, Japan, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Lithuania, Mauritania, Mauritius, Mexico, Morocco, Namibia, Nauru, Oman, Pakistan, Peru, Poland, Qatar, Slovenia, Tunisia, and the United Arab Emirates are now part of the ChatGPT community.

OpenAI is not stopping there. They have plans to release an Android version of the ChatGPT app soon so even more people can enjoy its benefits. So stay tuned for that! The expansion of the app’s availability is a testament to its growing popularity and demand.

OpenAI is really pushing boundaries with this expansion, and they are doing it at an interesting time. Their CEO, Sam Altman, is currently on a global tour, meeting with policymakers from various countries to understand their concerns about A.I. Just this week, he met with European state heads, and next month he’ll be visiting India. It’s great to see OpenAI actively engaging with the world and addressing important issues.

How To Use ChatGPT App?

So, how do you use the ChatGPT app? It’s super easy. Just open the app and start typing your text in the text box at the bottom of the screen, just like you would in a messenger app. You can also use voice input by leveraging OpenAI’s Whisper speech recognition system. Once you hit send, ChatGPT will process your request and provide you with an AI-generated answer. You can keep the conversation going, ask for more information, or request a different answer. The app even supports code blocks, and you can copy and paste answers too.

By default, ChatGPT saves your chat history. This means you can access your conversations on your desktop as well. However, if you prefer not to share your data, you can disable chat history, although that will also disable data sharing.

If you’re a ChatGPT Plus subscriber, there’s even more good news. You’ll be able to access the capabilities of GPT-4 through the app. That means you get advanced features and faster response times. ChatGPT Plus is a subscription offering that costs $20 per month, but it’s totally worth it, especially during peak times when everyone else is trying to access ChatGPT.

Wrapping Up!


While downloads are a great measure of initial consumer interest, we shouldn’t forget that it’s just the beginning. What really matters is how many people continue using the app actively. So why not give the ChatGPT app a try? It’s your personal A.I. companion that’s ready to help you wherever you go. And remember, no ads, just instant answers and a smooth experience.


Updated May 26, 2023
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