Create Pressure Sensitive Art with Nintendo Switch Stylus Pen

  • AUTHOR: isbah
  • POSTED ON: June 9, 2020

In Nintendo hybrid games, the use of Switch styluses is almost non-existent. Even though the company has come up with some versions, styluses have never been used as a practical accessory by the Switch users.

In its latest attempt, Switch has come up with a new game, The Colors SonarPen that transforms the device into a proper tablet.

Source: Youtube

The stylus is important for Color Lives, a digital painting app released by Nintendo after the 3DS stylus art game Colors! 3D. The SonarPen connects to the Switch’s 3.5mm audio jack due to the console’s lack of built-in Bluetooth.

“Because the Switch doesn’t have general Bluetooth, it’s not possible to use professional styluses available for other platforms,”
Colors Live designer Jens Andersson told The Verge.

The stylus is pressure-sensitive so you can use various shades of colors by applying the right amount of pressure on the screen with it. Right now, it is available in 10 colors but you will only find variations in the wire as the pen itself is black.

Colors Live was released on May 13th and Nintendo hoped to earn at least $16,337. Not surprisingly, the funding was achieved on the day of its release and right now, it has earned more than $130,000

If you want to contribute to the project, you can pledge $53 to get a Colors Live eShop code along with a SonarPen.

Updated June 9, 2020
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