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  • POSTED ON: May 12, 2023

Imagine you take a selfie, and then instead of hours of adjusting its brightness, contrast, sharpness and touching up your makeup, all you need to do is tap a button. Sounds amazing right? Now Google has made it possible too, and yes, you guessed it right, with the help of all mighty AI.

With everyday passing, there’s a plethora of new news in the world of artificial intelligence. From Tech Giants to Small Startups and Individual innovators, everyone is busy running the race of Ai. In today’s update, we’re going to talk about Google Photo’s new feature – The Magic Editor.

Google’s Newest Magic Editor


Google Photos is taking its use of AI to the next level with its latest tool, Magic Editor. While Google has previously used AI for features like Magic Eraser and Photo Unblur, Magic Editor is a more complex tool that uses generative AI to edit and reimagine photos. Google recently gave us a sneak peek at this new feature at its annual Google I/O developer conference.

Enhance Images, Change Backgrounds And A Lot More

With Magic Editor, you can now make edits to specific parts of your photos, such as the foreground or background, and even reposition the subject of the photo for a better-framed shot.

In a sample, Google showed how Magic Editor could be used to enhance a picture of a person standing before a waterfall. With this tool, a user could remove other people in the photo’s background, remove a strap from the subject’s shoulder, and even reposition the subject elsewhere by dragging and dropping.

This tool is like the image cutout feature Apple announced with iOS 16 last year, allowing users to isolate the subject from the rest of the photo. However, the Magic Editor tool in Google Photos is specifically designed to help you create better photos rather than just being a fun feature to play around with.

Now Fill In Gaps in Your Pictures with This Cool Editor

Another cool thing about Magic Editor is its knack for filling in gaps in an image using AI techniques.

If there’s a photo of a boy sitting on a bench with a bunch of balloons, but the bench is off to the left side of the image, with Magic Editor, you can quickly move the boy and bench closer to the center of the photo. As you do this, the AI technology will use generative techniques to create more of the bench, plus balloons to fill in the gaps in the photo. You can even enhance the sky behind the image, making it brighter with white, fluffy clouds instead of the original dreary, grey sky.


Get Natural-Looking, Well-Composed Images Every Time

Some photo-editing apps like Lensa or Photoleap can do similar things, but Magic Editor is included in your main photo-organizing app, Google Photos. The result of the edits is a natural-looking, well-composed image rather than one that looks heavily edited or AI-created.

Google intends to launch Magic Editor as an experimental tool later this year, but they acknowledge that there may be instances when it doesn’t function as expected. Nevertheless, since users are already editing an astonishing 1.7 billion photos every month through Google Photos, the company is optimistic that users’ valuable feedback will assist them in enhancing the tool over time.

So What’s In It For The Future?


It’s not yet sure if Google will eventually require payment for this feature or restrict it to Pixel devices. Nevertheless, there is a possibility that Magic Editor may become a benefit of Google One subscription, as was the case with Magic Eraser earlier this year. The feature will initially be launched on a limited number of Pixel devices, and Google has not yet disclosed which phones will receive the update first.

Google plans to share more information about the AI technology behind Magic Editor when it gets closer to the early access release of the feature, so stay tuned for more updates!

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Updated May 12, 2023
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