Do Not Go To These Stores If You Want To Buy PS5

  • AUTHOR: midhat
  • POSTED ON: November 14, 2020

much-anticipated next-generation console is officially here!

running short, crashing websites, long queues on the stores; there’s chaos

have been in long queues on Sony’s PlayStation Direct website. As of our last
check, Sony was telling them to check back on Saturday (Nov. 14).

the increasing demand, Sony Interactive Entertainment Boss Jim Ryan has ensured
gamers that more consoles will be available before and after Christmas.

all this chaos, gamers have been driven into buying consoles at increased PS5 pre order price. Some stores are even cancelling pre-orders while there are people who
had their consoles snatched away right at the time of check out.

a PS5 in stock has really become a rare sight! Imagine being in line for hours,
only to find consoles getting swept away right in front of your eyes. It hurts,

fret not! We’ve made it easier for you! Here’s a list of stores you should
avoid going/logging in to buy PlayStation 5:


5 is currently out of stock here. So don’t waste your time standing the queues,
because they are probably taking pre-orders only to cancel it later.

Sony Main website

PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition are out of stock here. They are telling their
potential customers to check back on Saturday, Nov 14 for its availability.
But, as of the writing time, they haven’t restocked yet!

PS 5 Pre Order Walmart

PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition are running short here! But you can still subscribe
to their alerts to know when the consoles are back in stock again!

PS5 Pre Order Best Buy

probably the best idea to avoid going to Walmart, as both PS5 and PS5 Digital
Edition are running short here! You can still check for updates on their
website, though.


lads! You won’t find a PS5 in stock here, not even the PS5 Digital Edition.
Pre-orders have been booked, and it’s still not clear when they are going to


is also running short on both PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition. It’s hard to find
the latest console in other retailer sites when it has gone out-of-stock on
Sony’s main website. But you can still try your luck, subscribe to their auto
alerts, and keep refreshing the page; maybe you’ll find one in stock, who

has already announced that the PS5 will only be available on exclusive
retailers due to Coronavirus concerns. If you have already booked a pre-order,
you’re one lucky lad! Congratulations! But do check your pre-order again and
again, because there have been instances where people found their pre-orders
cancelled for no apparent reason.

you’re still struggling to even lock a pre-order and thinking where to buy, don’t worry! Jim Ryan has
assured that the PS5 will be made available either before or after Christmas. Till
then, keep checking updates for availability at your preferable sites!

luck and make sure to visit only the best stores for PS5 pre-order!

Updated November 14, 2020
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