Facebook Cameras Are Disapproved By the General Public: A Major Revelation!

  • AUTHOR: anam
  • POSTED ON: October 28, 2019

Although it may come as a major shock, people do not want to buy Facebook-manufactured cameras. According to Fast Company, an insignificant number of these camera devices are shipping. To justify such a strong claim, Fast Company cited Rakuten who certified that only 0.6% of devices were sold.

Facebook has been engulfed in privacy scandals one after another, a major reason to drift buyers from purchasing a Portal camera that even listens to their conversations.
Formerly in 2018, Facebook introduced two Portal Camera versions, which were solely dedicated to video calls. These versions were priced at $199 and $349; recently, the price has surged to $129 to $179 for the updated versions, which are now available in the market.


Intriguingly, Facebook always kept its sales digits secret and has refused to open up about exact figures. Furthermore, the statements submitted by Facebook officials never hinted at an insight for the consumers and the general public, which reveals that something is fishy.

Living up to the same mantra, Andrew Bosworth, vice president of AR and VR at Facebook, has always implied that their sales are “very good.”

With Facebook launching the second generation of portal cameras, it is safe to say that Bosworth and his team miscalculated the market demand. However, if they were swayed by the reviews posted online about their product by people working at their own company, Facebook is definitely not to blame. 

Certainly, Facebook will play all cards to sell its product cameras but will it succeed in doing so or not, only time can tell.

Updated October 28, 2019
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