Facebook Dating Blocked in the UK?

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  • POSTED ON: February 14, 2020

Following Tinder, Facebook is here with a dating app which was all set to release before Valentine’s Day on 13th February, but now the date has been moved forward after Irish Data Protection Commission (DPC) visited their office in Europe. 

Source: The Independent

The DPC said that Facebook did not provide sufficient time for the review, and this is why they have caused the delay. “No information or documentation was provided to us”, as notified by the statement released from DPC.
They claimed that the 10 days’ notice received by them made it impossible to approve the feature.

The DPC further said that they had collected all the documents from Facebook’s EU headquarter in Dublin after a thorough inspection and not surprisingly, the delay has affected the UK economic market as well because they have to follow the rules of the EU due to the post-Brexit transition period.

However, Facebook denied the DPC claim of the insufficient notice period and said that they shared all the paperwork required for the approval when they were asked to do so.
“We worked carefully to create strong privacy safeguards and complete the data-processing impact assessment ahead of the proposed launch in Europe, which we shared with the [regulator] when it was requested”, a representative of the tech-giant FB said.

Source: Trusted Reviews

So if you are still wondering what Facebook Dating is, it is essentially an extra feature that the company has introduced for the users which will use the existing information on the site to match the individuals for dating.
It could be a potential threat to Tinder, but it has only been released in limited countries, including the United States.

It can be used by people over 18 years, and the Facebook official says that they have taken special measures to secure the present data especially after so many previous issues that landed them in the headlines of tech news.

Source: About Facebook

Well, let’s see if it can divide the tens of millions of users from Tinder and Bumble.

Updated February 14, 2020
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