Facebook Hangs Anti-Mask Group For Covid-19 Misinformation

  • AUTHOR: anam
  • POSTED ON: July 23, 2020

Facebook is the hub of deception and lies. Thankfully, it is now a bit less fraudulent, given that the company just suspends the largest group propagating Covid-19 misinformation.

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Facebook removed a group which reportedly has over 9,000 members! (And we thought that the world had come far from the era of darkness!)

“Unmasking America!”, a group of over 9000 members has been removed for advocating anti-mask rallies and spreading Covid-19 misinformation. The sole purpose of this anti-mask group was to mislead people, oppose the use of masks, and ignore the precautions instructed by health professionals to fight off the virus amid the deadly pandemic.

The group made different fallacious claims about masks, debunked widely, including the masks block flow of oxygen and stimulate negative impact on psychological well-being. “It is a psychological anchor for suppression, enslavement and cognitive obedience. When you wear a mask, you are complicit in declaring all humans are dangerous, infestation and threats,” one of the posts in the group stated.

It gives me chills down my spine knowing that the people with such mindset are in millions!

We have come far from the days when coronavirus was more like a mystery than a misery. Now we have clear scientific evidence proving the cruciality of masks and its benefits, preventing oneself and the people around from contracting deadly viral microbes.

However, some people still choose to refuse it, stating that it’s jeopardizing their free will and choice of living a life as they want them to. They give a blind’s eye to the fact that masks are no longer a choice but a fundamental basis of human survival.

But hey, why one could give a damn about authentic global organizations working day-&-night combating the deadly virus, just because someone named Will says on Facebook that his ex-girl’s aunt’s husband’s friend’s sister heard that mask is a fraud!

Not just “Unmask America!”, groups like NO MAS(K) with over 3,200 members and Anti-Maskers having 1,700 are still active and propagating the same conspiracies.

Similar Facebook group called “Million Unmasked March” is still functional with almost 8,000 members. What’s more shocking is that they are not limited to online platforms; in fact, they are planning to gather in large numbers without masks- exactly what medical professionals are advising us not to do.

Myths surrounding the use of masks have been on the rise both online and off, with anti-mask conspiracists stating that the masks obstruct oxygen levels and damage people’s personal freedom. Such conspiracies have been repeatedly addressed and sorted through numerous scientific studies and research, yet this fallacious claim and misinformation proceed to disseminate.

People have been repeatedly seen violating the basic SOP while being in public places. You can see the video here:

The deteriorating virus situation in the United States cannot be neglected; even Trump has now started wearing a mask describing it as an act of “patriotism”.

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Promoting anti-mask rallies and misinformation at this hour, when the need for following SOPs is considered as a matter of survival, merely indicating the criminal and evil nature of human species.

Wearing a mask is a call of the hour, especially when the second-worst wave of the pandemic is about to hit us!

Be responsible and wear a mask, because you own one to society!

Updated July 23, 2020
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