Facebook Protects Trump’s Manipulation Of Biden’s Words

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  • POSTED ON: March 10, 2020

Congratulations to the Republican Party and Mr Donald Trump as they have successfully set a new record, no other government managed to achieve. That’s right, the record of ‘setting the bar for upcoming parties extremely really low’.

Source: CNBC.com

Previously, when Facebook and other social media platforms were accused of biased campaigning, every political organization tried to take extraordinary measures to make their influences subtle. But subtle is a word unknown to Mr President.

Hence his social media team went all out with what was later labelled as “manipulated media”. Joe Biden, who is contesting for Presidency from the Democratic Party, delivered a speech in St Louis on 7th March. He said, “Excuse me, We can only re-elect Donald Trump if in fact we get engaged in this circular firing squad here. It’s got to be a positive campaign, so join us”.

Source: Variety

However, just like every other time, the Republican Party tried to take a jab at the opposition and ended up committing a serious cybercrime. They edited the version, so now, Biden is heard saying “we can only re-elect Trump”.

Not only did the White House tweet and shared this video, but the honourable man himself retweeted it from his official account. Well, talk about courage and bravery. He also added a caption saying, “I agree with Joe”.

Source: The Verge

Now Facebook showed some responsibility because if you think that the multi-billionaire social media application has nothing better to do than reading and listening to your messages, then you are absolutely correct! People were outraged at the spread of false information, and the everyday FBI rated it as “partly false information”. Facebook’s fact-checking partners flagged it and the spokesperson said, “We are reducing its distribution and showing warning labels with more context for people who see it, try to share it, or already have.”

We just have one question!

If we record a video saying, “Facebook is one of the oldest social media applications, but please get rid of it ASAP”, would that count as misleading or “partly false”? Twitter put “manipulated content” tag on the video and White House Social Media Director, Dan Scavino, was super offended. Yes, because how dare someone use his words against him. Scavino tweeted, “The video was NOT manipulated.” True, only the words were.

And that’s not a big thing because very recently Trump said that coronavirus patients should go to work and Chris Murphy said that the media is holding the president for his words. But those are the perks of being the highest authority so; clearly, everyone else is wrong.

Twitter once again showed some morals and took the video down, and Biden’s campaign manager was furious with Facebook. However, Facebook is not biased because the last time similar media manipulation happened with Nancy Pelosi, the tech company was actually guilty of being an accomplice. At least, this time, they put the tag of “partly false.”

Shouldn’t it be considered progress?

Updated March 10, 2020
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