Find Xbox Series X and Series S Console Stock on Twitter

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  • POSTED ON: February 26, 2021

Xbox series is going through a tough time right now with the live outage, but
let’s shift our focus to something positive. We know exactly where you can find
Xbox Series X and S restock, because things are going a bit haywire right now.

Thursday, things were pretty mad at Target and Walmart – but we have the
quickest way for you to restock the console!

must know how difficult it has been to restock Xbox Series X since the November
of 2020. The minute the console comes back in stock, it gets wiped clean from
the stores. It’s honestly insane that the new inventory goes out of stock in a
matter of a few minutes after every launch!

we’ve diverted our attention elsewhere – we now track Xbox Series X restocking
on Twitter. In addition, we find the PS5 restock – something equally hard to
find in stock – on Twitter! Look, we all know that stores like GameStop don’t
give people a heads up or even a day’s notice to buck up our belts.

same thing happened on Wednesday – the Xbox Series X was restocked but what
always happens, happened. As soon as the page got launched, only a couple of
people were able to put the consoles in their cart and others were left
refreshing the page while the red button grayed out with the notice “GameStop
is adding new inventory”. This is a polite way of saying “It’s over”.

Update from the Xbox X Series Restock

let us tell you the stores where stock was available as of last week.

until Wednesday, Xbox Series X stock was available on GameStop. At Microsoft,
stock was available today and it was also there on Tuesday. Moreover, Walmart
had it in stock on Thursday. Other stores like Best Buy, Amazon, Lenovo,
Newegg, Target and Sam’s Club have previously kept it in stock. However, if you
wish to find them anywhere now, you won’t – wait until further notice.

you know that Microsoft’s official Xbox store had kept a supply of Series X and
Series S on Monday and Tuesday, but it was all sold in less than three minutes?
You can judge how cut-throat the competition is for these next-gen consoles.

you know, the Xbox Series X console is known for being extremely powerful as it’s
also capable for 4K gaming. In comparison, Series S is the same, but its
processing components don’t run as fast as Series X. But that’s not really an
issue, because Series S comes at $200, which is less than Series X. That’s a
really good bargain, if you ask us! 

the reason why we track the next-gen consoles on Twitter is because it’s far
more reliable. Who can take a risk with these websites where the stock gets
wiped clean in minutes?

has it, Target and Amazon are launching a new stock really soon. But can you
really depend on this rumor? And who is going to guarantee that you’ll be able
to snatch a console before it goes out of stock anyway?

this space for more information on the next gen consoles and do like our page
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What else can we say but to watch out for tweets
to find X/S stock… who knows you might even find the Nintendo Switch console?  


Updated February 26, 2021
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