Fortnite Galactus Event: The Dramatic Live Showdown and the Launch of Season 5!

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  • POSTED ON: December 2, 2020

The Fortnite, Marvel-themed season concluded with a massive explosion and dramatic showdown!

Fortnite Galactus Event

The game’s fourth season ended in a dramatic live showdown
where players set against the massive supervillain, followed by gaming going
down and instantly replaced by a countdown for the season 5 launch.

At the start of the event,
Galactus gradually moved to the island prior uttering the words “Beware. I
hunger.” The Galactus then brought down the helicopter out of the sky, and Iron Man come
to rescue the players and guided them into the action.

Source: The Verge

It was kind of weird: Players were required to pilot a bus with
explosives in order to feed the dramatic supervillain and in order to stop Galactus from destroying
the island. It felt like an extraordinary arcade shooter and ultimately
concluded with the explosion of Galactus, leaving the island apparently unharmed.

The final scene features the main character Jonesy in suit, waking
up in a drab office, lying down on the floor. It was a tease related to
Fortnite’s own weird tale, more specifically connected to season 3’s ending
event where some organization is behind all the weird things happening in the
island and connecting the tales of all four seasons.

As of now, the game is down, with the clock ticking until the launch of season 5 at 12AM ET tonight.

Before the event, players could notice Galactus’ face in the
background amid battle royale, as he was gradually increasing in size with each
passing day leading to the event. It also seems like that Developer Epic was
expecting a huge number of attendees, asking players to come an hour early of
the original 4PM ET time. It kicked off a bit late,

This is not the first time Fortnite held an over-the-top
dramatic live event.

Previously, they held an epic mech versus kaiju battle in a
live event in 2019; critics referred to it as the most impressive and cinematic
live event. Other past events included an explosion that led to island’s flooding and a concert series of the legend Travis Scott. And let’s not forget the most
epic live event when the entire island got sucked into the black hole. Also, shutting
the entire game down for a few days, prior to the release of Fortnite: Chapter 2.

If there’s one thing we say about Fortnite’s live events, it
is that they keep getting more exciting and over-the-top ambitious! From a mech
versus Kaiju battle to a blackhole sucking an entire island to Travis Scott’s
epic gaming debut, each live event is more elaborate than the previous one!

It’s an extraordinary technical achievement that continues
to keep Fortnite and Epic at the leading-edge of the online gaming experiences.


Here’s what we know about Fortnite’s season 5 so far:

The Fortnite season 5’s title is the ‘Zero Point,’
featuring the hunters’ cast from various realities. The highlight of this
season is obviously The Mandalorian along with Baby Yoda from the Disney Plus
series. In addition to new characters, there will be a chance for players to explore new areas in the
map, more new weapons, and rich content that is left to be unlocked throughout the entire season.

What is the starting date of the 5th Season?

It is going to begin on December 2 at midnight ET (1 p.m.
PT). Servers are down for updation and clock is ticking until its launch at the

What is
the theme?

The theme of Fortnite season 5 ‘Zero Point’ focuses on Agent
Jones, who was debuted at the Nexus War event’s end. He assembled a team
of hunters belonging to different realities, who are ensuring no one can escape from
the loop. The interesting places on the map of season 5 include Colossal Coliseum and Hunter’s Haven where the players will fight the survivors’ battle with each other.

Season 5 will feature new bounties and quests with players
being awarded with bars, which can be exchanged for new abilities and weapons. There’s
also going to be a new Battle Pass through which players can unlock unique
skins like the fighting flapjack – Mancake, Mave the shape shifter, and obviously Baby Yoda with The Mandalorian.

Can I
play this game on iPhone or iPad?

No! The game has been removed from Apple’s app store because
of an ongoing legal dispute between Epic Games and Apple. This means that
players cannot access or participate in this event through their Apple devices.

With the system still down and the clock ticking, fans are
anxiously waiting to know what season 5 beholds. Till then, stay tuned to learn
more about Fortnite and the release of season 5 after Galactus event!

Updated December 2, 2020
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