From Google To Zoom: The Biggest Names In Tech Layoffs 2023

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  • POSTED ON: April 5, 2023

We’ve got bad news guys! Tech layoffs are continued in 2023, too. And the biggest names include Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Yahoo and Zoom. Further, startups like crypto to enterprises Saas have also contributed to the list. 

And before you ask why, here’s the explanation; 

According to these companies, the economic situation is not on their side and they’re hardly making profits. However, we all know how much these layoffs take a toll on struggling and innovative companies. And the unemployment rate keeps rising. Though we can’t do much here, we’ve formed a list of all tech layoffs in 2023 for a brief insight.

(January 2023 Tech Layoffs)

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Cut over 18,000 jobs on January 5 and ended a program called AmazonSmile on January 19.

Laid off 12,000 employees on January 21, affecting divisions like Area 120 and Intrinsic.

Let go of 33 staff members on January 11.

Will lay off 950 employees and shut down “several” projects, affecting 20% of its workforce, announced on January 10.

Will lay off 10% of its management staff on January 20, announced on January 12.

Announced an unspecified number of layoffs, affecting about 10% of its staff across different sites, on January 20.

Laid off 70% of its personnel on January 18.

Will lay off another 500 employees in the first two quarters of 2023, announced on January 31.

Will lay off 7% of its workers, or 450 staffers globally, announced on January 11.

The company will let go 10,000 employees, announced on January 18.

Will lay off 8% of its staff, affecting about 960 people, announced on January 31.

Affected 2,000 full-time employees, or 7% of its workforce, announced on January 30.

Will lay off 10% of its working staff, impacting more than 7,000 employees, announced on January 

Reduced 40% of its staff, or around 120 employees on January 12.

Cut 65 jobs, or 5% of its team on January 31.

10% of its global staff, about 450 people, were let go on January 18.

Reduced 6% of its workforce, or around 600 employees on January 23.

Laid off 380 jobs and shut down its meat marketplace on January 20.

Cut 11% of its team on January 4.


(February 2023 Tech Layoffs)

Cutting 500 jobs and shutting down its crypto unit.

Laid off 100 employees, about one-third of its crew.

Closing its Atlanta office and laying off workers for the third time in less than a year.

Cutting 6,650 jobs, which is about 5% of its global workforce.

Reducing its headcount by 7%, which may impact around 114 employees.

Laying off a significant number of its personnel, with at least 50% expected to be impacted.

The firm is cutting 7% of its working team, which is roughly 85 employees.

Cutting 150 jobs, its second round of job cuts in a few weeks.

Cutting 6% of its workforce for the second time in less than a year.

Laying off over 100 employees, which is 4% of its global staff.

Terminated 1,400 employees, which is around 17% of its global working team.

Laid off over 200 employees, with its headcount falling by more than 70% since Musk took over in October.

Laying off 20% of its staff, which is 1,600 employees in its ad tech business.

Cutting 15% of its staff, which is 1,300 employees.


(March 2023 Tech Layoffs)

Nigerian e-commerce platform laid off 15% of its workers, leaving 800 employees.

Plans to cut 19,000 jobs, or 2.5% of its team.

Dismissed 9,000 people, with around 10% coming from AWS. Shut down DPReview.

Cut off about 500 employees, or 5% of its workforce.

Letting go 15% of its staff, around 285 employees.

Cut 15% of staff, or 42 people.

Will have three rounds of layoffs, with the first impacting approximately 7,000 employees.

Eliminated over 100 jobs in the South Asian market, laying off its entire engineering team in India.

Laying off 2,200 employees, or 15% of its staff.

Laid off 140 staff across all teams.

Let go 2% of its employees.

Eliminated 18% of its employees.

Cutting down 10,000 jobs and not filling up 5,000 open positions.

Terminated an AI innovation team and 559 employees.

Handful of layoffs, including two executives.

Cut down 6% of its working staff.

May have more layoffs, on top of the 10% cut in January.

Axed 8% of its workers.

Fired 30% of its employees.

Downsized 4% of its employees.

Let go of 400 workers.

Laid off 12% of its workforce.

Terminated 8% of its team.

Laying off 20% of its staff.


Don’t Lose Hope Yet! 

tech layoff good luck So, that was the roundup of the biggest names in 2023 tech layoffs. Don’t worry as there’s still light at the end of the tunnel. Meanwhile, subscribe to our newsletter for such important updates! 

Updated April 5, 2023
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