From Pixels To Reality: The Trending Take-Over Of AI Images

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  • POSTED ON: April 3, 2023

Be it Michael Scott‘s Threat Level Midnight or Tumblr‘s previous obsession, Goncharov 1973. Both movies aren’t real. However, fans love these films regardless. The only difference is that the first one actually got its screen-running time in one of the episodes of The Office.

Now, this happened a long time ago. The time has surely changed. And we’ve entered the world of possibilities, AI (Artificial Intelligence).

Like chatbots, AI image generators create high-technology and realistic images. You just have to command them, and they’ll come up with satisfying results. Further, recent AI advancements have modified concepts like art, design, and virtual reality.

That said, recently, the modified pictures of Pope Francis, Harry Potter Balenciaga, and the great Cascadia earthquake have taken over the internet. And as expected, there’s entertaining feedback!

So, let’s not extend this introduction anymore and get to the good stuff already!


Pope Francis In Balenciaga

Who doesn’t know about the famous Pope Francis III? He is the catholic church’s head, Rome’s Bishop, and Vatican City State’s Sovereign. And this is not the first time he’s appeared in the news for other reasons. The internet is already filled with various interesting memes about him.

But the latest picture of him making a stunning fashion statement in an edited Balenciaga puffer coat has topped the charts!

How Did It Happen?

Well, at first, the world was having its usual day. But then, Pablo Xavier, a construction worker from Chicago, decided to stir things up. He created the Pope’s image with Midjourney and replaced the signature robe with a stylish puffer coat.

In addition, the popular model Chrissy Teigen also commented on believing the picture.

What’s The Status Now?

Further, within a few minutes, the image started circulating on platforms like Twitter and Reddit. And as of now, it has crossed 26 million views.


Harry Potter & The Balenciaga Fashion Runway!

Growing up, we all watched and read the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling. Though both; the book and movie series ended long ago. People still remember the franchise by heart.

The Background

Earlier this week, a Patreon user, demonflyingfox, created a deep-fake video of the harry potter cast starring in a Balenciaga ad.

The ad followed a 1980s fashion theme. And the characters have updated dialogues such as ‘You’re Balenciaga, Harry’ or ‘What’s the difference between Balenciaga and H&M?’

Now, what makes this short video more interesting is the characters’ similar voices and leather apparel.

The Reality-Check

Though nothing about this video is real. Yet, the overall AI image concept is quite interesting. And it’s just a step away from vanishing the line between imagination and reality.


The Great Cascadia Earthquake & Tsunami 2001

Modifying Harry Potter or Pope Francis with Balenciaga was all fun and games. But another deep-fake event is hinting at the downside of AI images. Which is, of course, making people believe whatever they see with fake proofs.


Similar to the other events, a Reddit user, u/Arctic_Chilean, posted possible images of the Cascadia earthquake and tsunami. The images were created with Midjourney again. But what’s interesting is that people started believing this unreal event after a few minutes.

In addition, the Reddit user posted twenty pictures depicting the aftermath of a historical earthquake of 9.1 magnitudes. Each picture had a realistic touch to it. And users continued to discuss the occurrence of this event. Further, the pictures even made it to the first page of Reddit.

Furthermore, a user commented about the images being close to reality and a devastating earthquake in 1700. And more users jumped into the conversation with their misleading reviews on the non-existent event.


And we’ll tell you to relax here! The event never happened. But with the realistic pictures, who would’ve denied the possibility?


And We’ve Saved The Best For The Last: Donald Trump’s Arrest!

Donald Trump is a controversial personality who’s famous worldwide. Since everyone was showcasing their AI-generated images. The founder of investigative journalism Bellingcat, Elliot Higgins, jumped on the bandwagon, too.


A Leisure Invention

Higgins contributed to the fun time by posting dramatic pictures of Donald Trump. In pictures, the ex-president of the USA was getting arrested and even attempting to break free.

Many people have found Higgin’s narrative hilarious. We assure you, it didn’t happen in real life.


So, What’s The Take On AI Image Advancement?

Ai Image

People have been predicting flying cars for centuries. However, there’s still time for that futuristic possibility. Meanwhile, AI is already leading the world with its high-definition concepts.

Undoubtedly, there’s still a fake element in these AI-drive pictures. But they can make anyone a fool within a few minutes.

And considering this, it’s only about time for AI to diminish the barriers between reality and imagination in the coming times. So, are you ready for that?

Updated April 3, 2023
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