Give powering idea to NASA and win $5 million

  • AUTHOR: midhat
  • POSTED ON: September 27, 2020

NASA needs plenty of energy to prepare for the trip as NASA goes back to the moon again, in 2024! Do you have an idea to make it possible?

And this time there’s going to be a woman astronaut too…

NASA hasn’t touched the lunar surface since 1972 but now NASA’s Artemis program plans to land a man and woman on the moon’s South Pole for the first time since the historic 1972’s Apollo Mission. The aim is to explore the moon and prepare for future Mars missions.

An idea-crowdsourcing platform, HeroX, announced on Friday to award $5 million prize money for those who can come up with ideas on how to produce, manage, distribute and store energy in a place where the sun has no access for two weeks at a time.

In the first stage, winners for their best ideas will be awarded $500,000. If the ideas are practicable and can be experimented in a simulation, Stage 2 will consist of establishing prototypes to demonstrate how they would actually work. The winners of stage 2 will then be awarded $4.5 million prize money.

NASA needs to determine how to obtain electricity from a power plant to a mobile mechanism that will collect rocks inside of a crater. They also need a facility that can produce oxygen for the astronauts staying at the moon.

Maybe Elon Musk will bag this opportunity and earn $500,000, like always…

Updated September 27, 2020
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