Gmail Has a New Logo!

  • AUTHOR: dua
  • POSTED ON: October 7, 2020

Google has made several
changes in the last few weeks. Continuing its ritual, the company has decided to
replace its iconic Gmail envelope logo with a design to make it more apt for the rest of its products. Now, the new Gmail logo is multicolored as opposed to being just red. Now these
colors include blue, yellow, red and green – matching Google Maps, Chrome, Google
Photos and other Google products.

Rumors suggest that
Google thought about dropping its M entirely, but instead settled on just changing
the color red. Apparently, people contributed in the research studies weren’t
quite satisfied with the redesign. However, the study turned out to be helpful as Google
realized that the logo wasn’t the critical design element – it was the color

The logo remains to be dominated
by the color red with hints of yellow, blue, and green. Keep the previous logo
alongside and it will be hard for you to distinguish between the

As mentioned above,
Google has gone rogue and revamped Google Workspace. The newly colored
logos are part of the redesign and added to the rebranded Google Workspace. The
changes are made to better compete with Microsoft Office and Outlook email.



Updated October 7, 2020
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