Google Decreases Nest Camera Quality To Reduce The Strain On Broadband Networks

  • AUTHOR: dua
  • POSTED ON: April 15, 2020

According to Google, videos captured by Nest security camera will be adjusted to reduce the load on broadband networks. With the lockdown imposed, it’s natural that more people than usual are using internet-connected devices at home.

“To answer the global call to prioritize internet bandwidth for learning and working, in the next few days we’re going to be making a few changes. We believe these changes have the potential to help make it easier for communities to keep up with school, work, and everything in between.” – The Verge reported after an interview with Google through email.

Source: PCWorld 

The changes made by Nest made to headlines after some users mentioned it on Twitter. They had received an official email from Google, giving a heads-up before the changes were made.

Thus, if you’re in the US, and your Nest camera quality is unusually high, Google will soon be changing the settings back to default. And if your settings are below the usual quality, they would probably stay the same for now. No matter what your quality or bandwidth settings are, no additional changes will be made.

However, if you want to change your quality and bandwidth settings back to the way you had before the pandemic, you are permitted to attain that only if you completely rely on the Nest camera to monitor the activities happening around your house.

A couple of weeks ago, Google changed YouTube’s default video settings to 480p which is the standard definition. By March 24th Apple, Netflix, and Amazon also changed their video quality settings in Europe and Sony has also decreased the download speed for its PlayStation network. These changes are being made to ensure the smooth working of broadband networks.

Updated April 15, 2020
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