Google Meet’s new background noise cancellation feature is fantastic!

  • AUTHOR: dua
  • POSTED ON: June 10, 2020

Like other video
chatting apps, Google Meet is also upping its game. Recently, it has released a
new AI-powered background noise cancellation feature. It has already made the announcement
about this feature back in April for its G Suite Enterprise and G Suite
Enterprise for Education customers. It is being reported that first, the
feature will be available for web and then iOS and later Andriod.

VentureBeat has
released a video of this feature which demonstrates a seamless removal of the
background sound. Hence, you don’t hear anything crackling, clicking, or glass
clinking. Furthermore, the company is working on removing sounds like the barking
of dogs and clicking of keyboards.

Source: Fourcast

Reports have emerged,
suggesting that Google has been working on this feature for approximately two
years. It has utilized its own meetings to train the Artificial Intelligence
model. A lot of people who’ve already used the website are giving bright reviews
on YouTube. Lachapelle has promised that the app will improve over time and
continue to evolve with the times and changing needs. The company is doing
everything in its power to make this app a great experience for its users.

Google shows immense
gratitude and ambition as it is now using Artificial Intelligence to reduce
background noise during calls. However, this move isn’t restricted to Google,
as many companies have followed suit.

The new feature is
currently at default, so according to Lachapelle, it will not give participants
during the call any visual interface clean. You can benefit from this new
feature by changing the settings in the audio menu in Google Meet’s settings.
The company aims to do better with every passing day. 

Updated June 10, 2020
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