Google Warns Huawei Users As They Pull Out Their Services

  • AUTHOR: anam
  • POSTED ON: February 24, 2020

Remember, when Huawei users were reconsidering their life choices because the US government had a clash with the Chinese company for storing customers’ data?

Well, the deal is done, and Google now warns all the Huawei users that the applications powered by them will no longer be available on the devices.

The current users or those interested in buying Huawei phones were found worried and bombarded Google with the questions of whether the rumour about the Play Store not operating on the devices was valid.

Unfortunately, Google services cleared their doubts and confirmed that users will no longer be able to access applications like Maps, YouTube, Playbooks or literally anything else associated with the tech company.
The US government declared Huawei to be unsafe last year after accusing them of theft.

The government instructed all country-based industries to stop their business with the Chinese tech company immediately.

Source: Evening Standard

Also, for all the smart techies and users out there who think using any sort of back door or VPN might work, there is bad news for you.
As per Google, such practices will be quite risky and advises against the apps that people usually download at their own risk to operate the banned apps in the country.

Source: GS Marena

Well, this has been quite unfortunate for Android OS users because they are the only ones most affected in the whole political scene. If you bought your Huawei phone before May 16, 2019, you might be safe but if you are too addicted to Google apps to use the alternative, it is time to ditch Huawei.

Updated February 24, 2020
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