Google won’t let any business list products on Google Shopping for free

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  • POSTED ON: April 22, 2020

Google is feeling generous so it is now allowing business owners to sell their products online by listing down their inventories for free. Yes, this significant change will give you an out and you wouldn’t have to pay for ad placement on Google Shopping. Hence, Google has announced that anyone who operates a website or manages an online store can now upload their listings on marketplace platform without paying additional money. However, Google will still charge whoever wishes to promote their product or website as a top placement.

Bill Ready, Google’s president of commerce, said that “What we’re seeing is that they are many, many retailers and small businesses that stand ready to serve shoppers, but don’t yet have a great way to connect with them digitally.”

He added, “We think that by doing this, it helps many more shoppers find what they’re looking for, but it also helps bring some quite needed relief to the retail and small business ecosystem.”

He further claimed that although these changes have been pipelined for some time now, it was due to the pandemic that things had to hit the acceleration button. This renewed policy will go into effect for the US citizens on April 27th, and in a couple of months, this policy will be applicable worldwide.


In addition to this, Google’s Merchant Centre now allows new users to place their listings for free. In fact, Google has extended its association with PayPal and now allows new users to link their existing accounts to accept online payments. Google is also trying to compel the e-commerce inventory management companies like Shopify to shift to Google Shopping and sell their products there for free.

Google Shopping has been an integral part of Google Search Engine for almost two decades and the policy that required the merchants to pay for listings and advertising was implemented in 2012. However, this refreshingly positive news will now help the small businesses that have been shut down due to the pandemic. Therefore, the option of Google Shopping is now more accessible than ever.

In March, as confessed by the Commerce Department, the total online and offline US retail sales and food and beverage spending dropped by 8.7 percent.

According to the federal government, this is the biggest drop witnessed in nearly 30 years.

It must be acknowledged that Google Shopping can now serve as a lifeline for small businesses and help them stay afloat during this unprecedented period.

Updated April 22, 2020
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