Harry Potter game’s ‘Hogwarts Legacy’ is coming to all gaming platforms!

  • AUTHOR: midhat
  • POSTED ON: September 17, 2020

So, who’s upfor a Quidditch match?

Warner Bros. is releasing a new Harry Potter open-world game next year, called Hogwarts
across all major gaming platforms. The announcement was made on
Wednesday as part of Sony’s PlayStation 5 price reveals live stream event.

Avalanche Software, known for Disney Infinity development, has designed the game which is set in
the 1800’s at the classic Hogwarts from the book series. It will not have any
of your favorite Hogwart characters; instead, the trailer hinted that players
will create their own characters and swoop in all sorts of witchy-woo

Warner Bros. describes the game as a single-player, open-world, role-playing action video game that was set in the wizarding world in the 1800s. it is a game in which players will be experiencing life as the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry’s student like never before while they experience the unwritten and accept a dangerous journey to unveil the wizarding world’s hidden truth. The players will be able to master spells to grow their given magical abilities, taming fantastic beasts and brewing potions. Also, the game will be showing familiar location from the book such as Hogsmeade Village and the Forbidden
Forest and Hogsmeade Village.

This game has been rumored for long, and the
rumors are finally coming to life. According to Warner Bros, the game is
coming in 2021 for PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox One, and Xbox
Series X/ Series S.

Avalanche announced its involvement with Hogwarts
in a blog post on Sony’s website stating that The Portkey Games label provided us with a great opportunity to go back to Hogwarts in a totally different era. It is true that we continue to ask ourselves about how can we draw from the great library of creatures, characters and themes while imagining how all these details will be influencing the school before the arrival of Harry Potter. 

Do you know the headmaster? What influenced the society before Scamander, Tom Riddle? What problems did students go through? we believe what we are providing fans is a familiar thing but in a unique way.

Updated September 17, 2020
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