How Bad is Your Spotify AI| Everything You Need To Know About This Fun AI Bot!

  • AUTHOR: midhat
  • POSTED ON: December 23, 2020

Do you remember the times when our friends used to roast us
about how bad our music taste was based on the songs they had
caught us listening? Well, Spotify is just doing that, but more on an AI level!

Just when you believe your music taste couldn’t get more
embarrassing than your 2020 Spotify Wrapped, Spotify hit you with another AI
bot (not ChatBot) to tell you how awful your music taste is but not on your Spotify profile!

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All credits goes to the brilliant brains of Mike Lacher and
Matt Daniels, people behind “How Bad is Your Spotify.” It’s a bot from The Pudding that uses “sophisticated AI” to “judge your awful taste in music.”

Regardless of how good you think your music taste could be, look on Reddit this AI Bot is a complete bitch and feels no remorse in judging us for our
crimes to listen to awful music!

While being ridiculously mean to us, this feature is
actually a whole lot fun!

Here’s what you need to know about this fun AI bot’s response:

So find Spotify on your phone and start doing this during your December Holidays!

After logging into your Spotify account, the bot explores your
listening histories and what you play on Spotify and literally digs out all the filth from your playlists
and Spotify streams.

After behaving like a judgmental aunt, the absolute schmuck
of an AI then asks you questions before displaying the results, quite similar
to those high-school mean girls: “Did you listen to Fall Out By Chemical
Romance?” What am I supposed to say, ‘yes’? Or ironically ‘no’?

Once done playing Fuck, Marry, and Kill with your listening
histories, the bot uncovers all the skeletons from your cupboards and displays
your entire music taste.

And to further rub salt into your wound, it’ll also show you
a percentage and a complete list of songs that make your music taste so bad!

But frankly, the Spotify bot seems to be quite fun— of
course, after swallowing a bitter pill of being called 10% basic in your music
taste! Plus, many users find a sense of hilarity in reading highly-detailed,
AI-generated insults of other people’s music taste!


Let’s face it, we all have some dirty little secrets hidden
in our listening history! And no matter how embarrassed we are of sharing this
with our friends, we still listen to those same old crappy songs that
hit just right!

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Updated December 23, 2020
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