How To Get ‘Fall Guys’ Free On PlayStation Plus Today!!

  • AUTHOR: anam
  • POSTED ON: August 6, 2020

Fall Guys is adeptly following a similar tactic as Rocket League with one free month offering on PlayStation Plus as a scheme of Sony’s August games choice, and you can stream it today.

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If you have subscribed to PS Plus, you can download Fall Guys for free in two ways:

The first way is to simply select the huge Plus logo flashes on your home screen on PS4; this will redirect you to the page, Fall Guys will be displayed when it’s live.

The second way is to download it from the PS Plus tab provided in the PlayStation store directly.

Remember, Fall Guys is not a massive sized game so you’ll be safe from a hassle of hours-long downloading like one for the Call of Duty game. The game will last till you have the PS plus subscription, and you will lose the game if you end the subscription.

The game will be officially introduced on PlayStation and PC in September. The free month offering on PS plus is only aimed to attract gamers and show how cool the game is just like Rocket League.

Rocket league turned out to be a major success after being available for free on PS Plus as a part of the August scheme; it gained popularity for the definite release and indeed, the rest is history.

Fall Guys, as of August feature, turns out to be a huge breakthrough for the studio and developers, as the excitement for Fall Guys seemed to have already surpassed competitor BR entries from biggest studios such as Ubisoft’s HyperScape.

A physics-themed game Fall Guys looks goofy and fun; it already has a very prominent social media presence being a part of Sony august games collection. Many of the huge gaming streamers are already in line to try out this game, as it is giving some great “viewing” vibes!

Now, the entire PlayStation community can download the game and experience it for free with this PS Plus feature.

We’ll let you know when the Fall Guys will be live on PlayStation.

Updated August 6, 2020
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