Hundreds of Subreddits Go Dark Indefinitely – CEO’s Memo Sparks Massive Protest

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  • POSTED ON: June 15, 2023

Reddits Going Dark – What Is It About?

The Redditverse is about to experience a blackout of epic proportions!

Over 300 subreddits, including the crème de la crème like r/aww, r/music, r/videos, and r/futurology, are banding together in a rebellion against Reddit’s API changes. They’re taking a stand and going dark indefinitely, leaving users in a state of virtual isolation.

In the midst of a stormy Reddit Situation, the CEO Steve Huffman valiantly declared, “Don’t worry, dear Redditors! Just like any tempestuous tantrum on our platform, this one shall blow over too!”

In an internal memo, Huffman also assured that the platform’s revenue remains unaffected by the blackout.

When Did It Happen?

Between June 12th and June 14th, numerous subreddits participated in a blackout to express their dissatisfaction with API modifications introduced by Reddit. These changes had the potential to result in the shutdown of various third-party applications.

The blackout led to a temporary outage on June 12th, with reports on Twitter indicating a significant impact on Reddit’s overall activity. Nevertheless, as mentioned in Huffman’s memo, a considerable number of subreddits are expected to resume their normal operations by this week.

Additionally, developers have created a tracker website to inform users about the status of individual subreddits, including whether they are dark, restricted, or public.

Will the Blackout Continue?

In an ongoing development, numerous subreddits have decided to extend the blackout until June 20th, and there is a possibility of further extensions without a set end date.

In April, Reddit initially made the announcement regarding its decision to implement charges for its API. However, earlier this month, Christian Selig, the creator of the widely-used third-party client Apollo, revealed that during a conversation with Reddit, he discovered the API pricing to be prohibitively expensive.

Despite attempts to negotiate with the company, no changes were made to the pricing structure, leading Selig to announce the closure of Apollo on June 30. Other popular applications, including Reddit, Fun, Sync for Reddit, and ReddPlanet, have also followed suit and ceased operations.

Ask Me Anything (AMA SESSION)

During a recent Ask Me Anything (AMA) session with Reddit users, Steve Huffman, the CEO of Reddit, expressed strong support for the newly implemented API pricing and even voiced criticism towards Apollo, a popular third-party Reddit app, and its developer, Selig.

Huffman made it clear that Reddit, unlike certain third-party applications, currently operates without profitability, and the company’s primary focus is on achieving financial success.

With Reddit reportedly planning to go public later this year, it comes as no surprise that the company is actively pursuing strategies to increase its revenue. As part of these efforts, the social media platform has recently taken cost-cutting measures, including a 5% reduction in its workforce and scaling back on hiring initiatives.
These steps aim to streamline operations and create a more efficient and sustainable business model for Reddit’s future growth.

During the AMA session, Huffman emphasized that Reddit’s profitability is essential for the company’s long-term success. By implementing API pricing, Reddit aims to monetize its platform and generate revenue that can sustain its operations and fuel further development.

This move aligns with the company’s plans to establish a solid financial foundation before going public, as it seeks to attract investors and demonstrate its potential for sustained growth and profitability.

While expressing support for the API pricing, Huffman also made critical remarks towards Apollo, one of the popular third-party Reddit apps.

Such criticism might stem from the fact that third-party apps like Apollo may access Reddit’s platform and content without directly contributing to its financial well-being.

Huffman’s comments highlight the importance Reddit places on controlling and monetizing its ecosystem as it seeks to leverage its unique user-generated content and community engagement to drive revenue.


In closing, Reddit’s recent moves, including implementing new API pricing, preparing for a potential public offering, and implementing cost-cutting measures, demonstrate the platform’s determination to secure profitability and growth.

As Reddit evolves, it is crucial for users and third-party app developers to stay informed about these changes.

To navigate these developments effectively, keep an eye on reliable news sources and official Reddit announcements. Stay connected with the Reddit community and engage in discussion to voice your concerns, suggestions, and feedback.

Additionally, consider exploring alternative third-party apps that align with your needs and preferences as the landscape continues to evolve.

It is also essential to remain cognizant of the evolving digital landscape, and the influence platforms like Reddit have on user experiences. Engage in conversations and debates surrounding privacy, data security, and the future of social media platforms.

Advocate for transparency and accountability to ensure that the platforms we rely on strike a balance between profitability and user well-being.

As Reddit explores new avenues for revenue generation, it is important to consider exploring alternative third-party apps that align with your needs and preferences.

Some popular apps like Apollo, Reddit Is Fun, Sync for Reddit, and ReddPlanet have recently shut down due to the new API pricing; there may be other applications emerging to fill the gap. Keep an eye on app stores and online communities for new alternatives that offer the features and functionalities you value in a Reddit client.

The Conclusion

Remember, as a user; you have the power to shape the future of Reddit and similar platforms. By staying informed, engaging in dialogue, and making conscious choices, we can contribute to a more user-centric and sustainable digital ecosystem.

Keep abreast of updates, participate in discussions, and advocate for transparency, accountability, and user-centric practices.

Together, let’s embrace the changing landscape of Reddit, adapt to new developments, and actively participate in shaping its future for the benefit of all users.

By staying involved and taking action, we can help ensure that Reddit remains a vibrant and inclusive community where ideas are shared, connections are made, and voices are heard.

Updated June 15, 2023
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