Hurry Up! Your Old Phone Is Going To Stop Working!!

  • AUTHOR: anam
  • POSTED ON: July 24, 2020

Tech companies use countless other methods to lure customers into upgrading their phones, but what AT&T is trying to pull here is kind of worrisome.

Through an email under the big, bold and blue subject “UPDATE NEEDED,” the carrier is warning their customers to upgrade their phones or else they will lose the ability to make voice calls.  

Here is the email:

Image Source – Google | Image by Theverge

Image Source – Google | Image by theverge

Well, regardless of what it sounds like, AT&T confirms that customers don’t have to upgrade their phones until early 2022, the company confirms to the private news organization.

The carrier is actually planning to shut down its 3G network and recommending customers to start upgrading their phones to be benefited with their fastest internet services. The complete 3G cut down is scheduled by February 2022, and after that, the phones which support LTE will be allowed on the network.

When the 3G bar starts to disappear, AT&T says that phones will no longer support HD voice, which is basically compatible for 4G LTE. Without the upgrade, phones won’t be able to make voice calls or use data on AT&T.

What’s more shocking here is the timing!

Although the deadline is over a year and a half, the company is trying to scare their customers and telling them to upgrade their phones during the economic-thrashing pandemic, when buying a new LTE supported phone would be the least of their concerns.

It’s fair to say by the time the company shuts its 3G network; we would see more advanced and capable 5-compatible phones in the market.

Now AT&T has realized their awful timing and says:

The email is the planned one and is sent to keep our customers fully informed about our plan to shut down the 3G network by 2022. The announcement should have mentioned the date that a few devices will no longer be supported. However, we apologize if there is any confusion, and we will be clear in future regarding upcoming updates.

So, ready to buy new phone?

Updated July 24, 2020
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