Intel Displays A New Logo Alongside Its 11th Gen Chips

  • AUTHOR: anam
  • POSTED ON: September 8, 2020

Intel has launched its new 11th Gen processors for laptops. But it’s not the only thing that the company has to offer today! Alongside the processors, Intel debuts its new logo and rebranding.

This is the third logo that the company has ever used.
The latest design refreshes the previous branding with the Intel wordmark enclosed in a circle that has been repeatedly used by the company in different designs since 2006.
The company’s third major new logo will also go along with new branding for Intel, which has a minimalist design for everything from Intel’s Xeon servers to its Optane memory chips.
image credit: The Verge
The logo is in a boxier font than the clipped curves of the 2006 iteration. Though, it does have characteristics from the previous designs, as well as the square-capped “i”. It gives a refreshing look to the brand.
Intel rolls out some new components to the logo. The iconic blue that the company has used for decades is still part of the brand, but it has experimented with some new variants of colors, such as a secondary color for the dot of the “i” in some cases.
Intel has no plans to ditch its iconic five-note “bong,” but they do have some ideas to give it a “modernized version” to fit the logo later this year.
This new logo design will soon be part of your laptop and perhaps the rest of Intel’s products.

Updated September 8, 2020
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