IPhone 13: The Release Date, Huge Camera Upgrade and Everything We’ve Known So Far!

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  • POSTED ON: December 23, 2020

We know that Apple’s
latest iPhone 13 won’t be hitting the stores until the fall of next year even though these three changes have already been leaked out, but
somehow the rumors surrounding Cupertino’s next smartphone have begun to

It’s obviously unreasonable and foolish to make predictions about
iPhone 13 now as we’re far ahead of its launch. But look, we’ve received
details regarding the new Apple phone just like these hidden 8 features of iPhone 12 and we believe that radical changes are
paving their way.

Recent rumors entail
that Apple may go portless with its design for at least one model of iPhone 13.
In addition to this, like every time, the display and camera will be majorly
upgraded and we’re hearing that it might also get a battery renewal.

Okay let’s get down to
business and discuss all the information that we’ve acquired so far about the upcoming

According to Ming-Chi
Kuo, Apple’s iPhone 13 will have its regular launch, which means that it would
likely be in market by October or November of next year. Furthermore, we
believe that the new iPhone will also increase its appeal by upgrading the
camera tremendously unlike taking away the 5G support of iPhone 12 in dual sim mode.

13 Release Date

Of course, the first
thing that comes to our mind when we find out that a new iPhone is in the
making is regarding its release date. Hence, like we’re certain that Apple’s
flagship will be rolled out by Oct-Nov next year. Also, if we follow previous
launches, we can expect iPhone 13 launch to be in the fourth Friday of Sept –
possibly the 24th.

We’re making this
assumption pretty confidently because even this year, despite the pandemic and
lockdown, the company succeeded in releasing its trademark phone.

13 Price

Analyst Ming-Chi has
also suggested that iPhone 13 will come in four sizes, like its predecessor.
Therefore, you can expect a 5.4-inch iPhone Mini, a 6.1-inch iPhone 13 and
iPhone 13 Pro, and a 6.7-inch iPhone 13 Pro Max.

The prices are expected
to follow the range of its predecessors. Hence, the cost of the iPhone 13 could
be $699, $799, $999 and $1,099 respectively. In the past, we’ve understood that
Apple is pretty rigid but fair with its pricing, thus, to expect a raise seems

Apple iPhone
13 Design

Like we mentioned
earlier, the biggest alteration in iPhone 13 could be its transformation to
portless design. Thereby, you can look out for the fact that Apple could drop
the Lightening Port and exchange it with wireless charging and data transfer.

However, we’re not
expecting anything else apart from the change to portless design. Keeping that
into consideration, the new iPhone could maintain its flat edges and Face-ID
holding display. In addition to this, it’s possible that Apple could introduce
an upgraded Face ID integration.

We’ve seen in the past
how Apple has been gradual with its iterative approach in design change. But we
think that the year 2021 could be the year to make bold statement and take
risky experiments.

There are speculations
in the market that iPhone 13 could go back to its roots and bring back Touch ID
– an Apple flagship.

Analyst Ming-Chi claims that Apple is interested in adding
in-screen fingerprint sensor to its upcoming devices.

Kuo has said that Apple
considers both biometric technologies as harmonious products, therefore they
could blend well with the overall package. We discovered that iPhone fails to
recognize people with their facemask. But we can’t deny that Apple tried to
better accommodate the Face ID feature for users wearing a face mask. With that
in mind, we believe that the company might look into Touch ID system.

It’s possible for
Cupertino to pull off this idea. What’s needed is a sophisticated in-display
system that utilizes a wide range of micro lenses to emphasize on subject’s
fingerprints. In theory, it can be made possible by enhancing the readability
diminished by the screen translucency.

And here’s the most
exciting news: A Twitter user claims to have seen the first prototype of iPhone
13 and has described it as “basically a
12 with extra steps
”. The user also revealed that the upcoming iPhone does
not have in-display Touch ID – at least not at the moment.

There’s another
possibility for the Apple product. As you know, the recent iPad Air 4 embeds a
fingerprint scanner in the power button present at its side. In fact, several
android devices use this technique, so to get to the bottom line, we think that
it could be ideal to bring back the fingerprint option in the future.

13 Cameras

So far, not much has
been revealed regarding the camera of iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro or iPhone 13 Pro
Max. But apparently, it will be providing a 6-elemen ultrawide lens.
Furthermore, there could be an autofocus option and better image quality –
which is obviously the finger rule.

There’s, however, an
interesting rumor circulating on the internet. According to that rumor, Apple
is in search of a supplier who can come up with folded lens for the camera –
the idea is to enhance the optimal camera zoom.

Moreover, the
periscope-like design indicates a telephoto lens that will be stacked
vertically not horizontally. This practically means that you will be able to
increase the optical magnification without increasing the size of the phone.
This tactic is often used by iPhone’s rival Samsung and Huawei.

We’re hearing that
iPhone 13’s camera will get a hardware boost in regards to the sensors. This
would help in making larger pixels for improved light intake. Of course, this
is great as it improves the quality of pictures drastically.

Analyst Ming-Chi has
also predicted that iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max will have bigger
apertures on their ultra-wide cameras. Both devices might also come with f/1.8
aperture which is an upgrade from its previous f/2.4 aperture. There might be
six-element kens helping more light to shine through the camera, enabling
better pictures.

Now you know the new
iPhone 13 release date, new battery technology, and the big camera upgrade.
Tell us if you’re excited for the big upgrades as well!

As Apple fanatics,
we’re elated for the Apple upcoming 2021 iPhones! If you’re excited for the
grand launch as well, make sure that you like our page on Facebook as we’ll
continue to update you guys on the details. 

Updated December 23, 2020
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