Is Apple Releasing Two Apple Watches And A New IPad Air?

  • AUTHOR: dua
  • POSTED ON: September 2, 2020

Do you know that Apple
is eying a 75 to 80 million 5G iPhone deliveries this year? But wait, this is
somewhat its regular course of action. In the last couple of years, Apple has
maintained these figures but this year was different (Pandemic, duh!) but it seems
like Apple doesn’t care and expects the same figures as usual. This is
ambitious considering the company might be delaying the phones in October.

Announcements are as follows:

  • Apparently, Apple will be releasing 4 new
    phones with OLED screens and they will come in varied sizes; if you’re looking
    for a steel-edged “Pro” line but with lower-end aluminum, you may go for its
    upcoming 6.1-inch screen. These fresh designs will have square edges, and you
    may also replace the green 11 Pro with a ravishing dark blue color.
  • According to the sources, Apple will
    also ship 4-6 million iPhones containing the millimeter wave technology in 2020
    – which indicates that they may not trust its quality. This also shows that the
    Pro models will be shipped with different hardware to different areas. Furthermore, the
    6.7-inch Pro will most likely be the only model this year to earn the LIDAR
  • You may also expect to see the new iPad
    Air model. As per the recent reports, this model is similar to iPad Pro and has
    slim bezels. If you remember Ming-chi Kuo’s statement from earlier this year,
    then it’s highly likely that the new iPad will have a 10.8-inch screen. You may
    have seen unverified pictures on Twitter last week of the iPad mini but there’s
    no official clarification yet.
  • You may also get 2 new Apple watch; one
    will be a successor to the Series 5 and the other one is a replacement for
    Series 3 – lower-end and feasible.
  •  A much cheaper and smaller HomePod smart
    speaker may also be on the loop along with over-ear headphones that are not
    part of Beats.
  • Interesting, Apple is working on
    developing a new Apple TV having an updated processor and new remote controls.
    Considering that Apple already has its hands full, don’t expect it to be
    released this year. 
Updated September 2, 2020
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