Is Elon Musk’s New “Brain Chip” For Real Or It’s Just Another Publicity Stunt?

  • AUTHOR: anam
  • POSTED ON: September 3, 2020

The world’s fifth-richest entrepreneur loves to make sensational claims, but behind the curtain, his innovations are often disillusioning!

Elon Musk craves attention the same way kids crave for candies. He believes that if no one is talking about him, it means he doesn’t really exist!

If the 49-year-old finds himself off the discussion for a few days, he manages to wedge himself back into the headlines – even if it requires him to troll Egyptians by claiming that the Aliens constructed the Pyramids, piggybacking trapped children from the cave or naming his daughter by a weird mathematical equation X AE A-12.

Some of his actions are confusing, which is why ‘Understanding Elon Musk’ is a must-read.

Brace yourself for Musk’s latest invention: a Black mirror type’ brain chip’! On Friday, Musk held a live session on Youtube to showcase his progress on Neuralink, his startup based on neuroscience. Elon Musk put on quite a show with Gertrude, a pig with a chip in her brain!

Musk claimed that this device, which is what he described as “Fitbit in your skull” would soon be in-demand. Scientists hauled this invention and considered it as a major breakthrough in the field of Neuroscience.

The purpose of this device is to develop an AI-Brain interface that allows a wearer to control his mind, including to cure depression, neurological disorders and other spinal injuries.

While it may sound quite impressive, it could give rise to a million other problems. What if it malfunctions or bursts out in the brain?

Let’s just take an example form a Black mirror’s episode “Arkangle”, we have seen the similar chip that allows the parent to control or monitor their children, alerting a parent if their child is in distress. Musk’s chip gives mind control to the wearer and can be connected to the smartphone. What if someone gets control over your brain? Even the thought of it gives me chills in my spine! Ain’t nobody wants someone to mingle with their brain, right?

Despite its potential setbacks, Musk’s inventions and promises often prove to be shallow! Remember when he claimed to transform city transport and it actually turned out to be an immensely underwhelming and inefficient tunnel. 

The ‘pig with a chip’ demonstration also seemed to be highly exaggerated! As Gretude’s snout came in contact with things, the device featured a series of dots and noises which is not something neuroscience has not done before!

Yes, he is taking baby steps until the final result, but his big claims are all hoaxes as he didn’t back them up with concrete evidence or believable data.

MIT Technology Review this demonstration as “Neurolink is neuroscience theatre.”

Theatre or not, but he definitely has an impressive audience. No matter how ridiculous Musk’s claims turn out to be, his cult followers would love to inject his created-hype into their blood- and his chip into their brains.

Try not to plunge your hopes with his innovations and don’t get brainwashed either; as there’s a possibility that his so-called ‘brain chip’ could be his another publicity stunt!

Well, for now, drinks on him as he just became the world’s third-richest man, dethroning Mark Zuckerberg from this rank. Quite impressive, right? Read a book called ‘Elon Musk: Zero to Billionaire’ to know, how!

Updated September 3, 2020
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