Japanese Giant Gundam Robot Comes To Life

  • AUTHOR: midhat
  • POSTED ON: September 25, 2020

At least
now, we have something to fight against Godzilla!

Based on an iconic anime series, a giant robot,
Gundam has made its first move in the Japanese city of Yokohama.

It weighs 25 tonnes and stands just over 18 meters
tall. After years of arduous work, the giant Japanese robot showed its fans
that it can actually move!

Inspired by a robot from “Mobile Suit Gundam,” an
infamous TV series from the late 1970s, this massive machine was seen walking,
kneeling, and waving in a video of the test uploaded on Twitter on Monday.

This life-sized robot was ready for becoming the
main feature of Gundam Factor Yokohama, south of Tokyo on 1 October, but thanks
to the ongoing pandemic, the official unveiling is not going to be until later this year, according to the company’s website.

“We apologize to
all of our fans who were looking forward to our grand opening and ask for your
understanding. In the meantime, we will be making preparations so that all of
our visitors can enjoy themselves in safety.”

The engineer of the
multibillion-dollar company Gundam franchise reportedly initiated the
designing process six years ago to make sure each piece adjusts to the weight
limit, to prevent its limbs from buckling, and to ensure all the parts move

The anime genre rose to
drastic popularity in the early 1900s, when Japanese artists like Oten Shimokawa
started experimenting to produce animated short films.

And till this day,
fans across the world are completely head over heels for the anime series.

So, who’s heading
to Yokohama to visit the giant robot? 

Updated September 25, 2020
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