KFConsole Smashes Playstation and Xbox with Ray Tracing and VR features!

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  • POSTED ON: December 23, 2020

Kentucky Fried Chicken Gaming Console comes with mindblowing features!

Just when we thought 2020 couldn’t get any weirder, popular
fast-food franchise, KFC decided to take the consoles war a notch up with its
strikingly advanced Gaming console, called KFConsole!

Just yesterday, KFC rocked the gaming world by announcing its
joke-turned-reality gaming console that comes along with a chamber essentially
for warming chicken meals!

The fast-food conglomerate joined hands with a PC specialist,
Cooler Master to launch a new gaming console that comes with Ray Tracing technology, Ray Tracing and VR

It’s Finger Clickin’ Good!

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With the compatibility of running games in 4K resolution and
at 240 frames per second with a 240Hz output, KFConcole is a VR ready system all
set to take the gaming world by storm!

Just like KFC did by announcing 3D printed nuggets!

Similar to the iconic KFC Bargain Bucket, KFConsole consist
of an Intel Nuc 9 extreme compute element, including a swappable GPU slot. Owing
to the power of its two Seagate BarraCuda 1TB SSDs, the console can run games
within seconds in addition to other list of new features.

Not only is this console being considered the “end of
consoles war,” it also has a built-in feature—or more like a separate chamber—
to keep your meals warm while enjoying the gaming experience.

Checkmate, Sony and Microsoft!

We know you must be wondering how a PC console can keep your
food warm. Well, quietly frankly, we’re all scratching our heads thinking how
on earth that would be possible! There are zillions of questions that have been
bothering us since the launch of the trailer.

But, it does sound legit! Judging from the design, the Nuc 9
and the chicken warmer chamber are not separate devices. Actually, the chicken
warmer chamber will get its heat from the NUC 9, helping the chicken stay warm.
This revolutionary console will, however, need some strong seals to keep the
chicken’s grease from leaking into the PC components.

Check out the trailer of KFC’s ‘A Recipe of Seduction’

hardest part was definitely figuring out the entire internal layout to get it
as compact as possible and still have sufficient cooling for the hardware,”
said Malmborg. “The cynical bucket deign and the chicken bay [are] two separate
features that by themselves are challenging to work with. And then combined
with a high-performance PC, well, I had to spend days creating the 3D model for

the announcement of KFConsole has been received well among the gamers, with
praises mostly about the system’s high-end specs and unique features. And
obviously, there are people who just can’t stop making memes about the fact that
a fast-food chain has launched a gaming console.

how people have reacted to this unexpected announcement with memes:

it remains to be seen if KFConsole can really give its rivals Sony, Microsoft’s Xbox Series, Playstation 5 and
Microsoft a run for their money. So, are you ready to try that during Holidays?

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Updated December 23, 2020
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