League of Legends’ virtual K-pop group K/DA is all set to drop its first album

  • POSTED ON: October 4, 2020

The concept keeps growing!

The first-ever album of the virtual K-pop group K/DA, that’s also part of the ever-growing League of Legends, is just inches away from its official release. The developer Riot announced today that the band’s first EP will be dropped for public release on November 6th. 

K/DA released its first single after a two-year pause back in August.

If any of the above descriptions go straight over your head… here’s a quick explainer:

In 2018, the annual League of Legends World Championship debuted with a stunning AR concert, which featured a K-pop group with virtual characters of the real-world pop stars. Along with the EP, the band also has a Tik-Tok dance competition and an ongoing comic series. They recently introduced a new member in the group through an extravagant reveal using a virtual influencer.

The World Championship 2020 is already happening in Shanghai, with the finals scheduled on October 31st at the newly inaugurated Pudong Football Stadium. The event is widely known for its grand opening ceremonies, which usually include music; the 2018 k-pop event was opened with a holographic hip-hop concert last year. 

Expect to see the band opening in this year’s event- a perfect stage to promote their upcoming album.

Updated October 4, 2020
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