Microsoft Force Restarts Windows PC Again And Again To Install More Unwanted Apps

  • AUTHOR: dua
  • POSTED ON: October 20, 2020

Don’t be surprised of
what you see if you step away from your computer for a couple of minutes. It’s
possible that your Windows10 might restart your computer without your
permission to force install yet another update.

When the machine stops
rebooting, your work on hold would resume as normal. Basically, Microsoft has
developed a habit of rudely interrupting you by downloading unwanted versions
of Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook on your computer.

It’s actually quite
concerning to people when Microsoft—without any prior warning—starts sneaking
unwanted web apps on your PC. What is even stranger is the fact that these many
icons of Microsoft Office apps have begun appearing on the Start Menu.

By the way – these
aren’t the free copies of Office, just the shortcuts to the web versions which
are already accessible via browsers of your choice. Since these are web apps,
they won’t occupy any space on your computer.

But can you ignore the
fact that Microsoft has absolutely no respect for your privacy and consent?

What Microsoft needs to
understand is that our computers are not free advertising spaces. They can’t
simply barge in, take control, and selfishly promote their products. Like, how
can they install a browser that you can’t uninstall later? And what about a bunch
of PWA web apps that launch in that same browser?

Microsoft should
remember what it guarantees its users: security patches that keep computers
safe and away from risks. Is this what it means by safe? Would it go to any
length to make more money?

Mind you, this isn’t a
basic experiment and no one signed up for this crazy
control. The company hasn’t responded yet. Of course, it needs time to cook up
another excuse. 

Updated October 20, 2020
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