Microsoft Teams’ Together Mode Is Especially Designed For The Pandemic-Era Meetings

  • AUTHOR: dua
  • POSTED ON: July 9, 2020

Microsoft Team has some
news for you!

It seems like yesterday
when we all purchased the MICROSOFT TEAMS CONCISE BEGINNERS GUIDE: How to start
using Microsoft Teams for Online Meetings, Record video conference and Setup
Virtual Classes – but it’s actually been over three months!

Ever since the pandemic
began, Microsoft Team has become a primary mode of communication for
organizations and schools. Hence,
 the software giant has been at it to produce
a “Together Mode” that will allow you to create a virtual live avatar of
yourself. This design will essentially improve official engagements. It is
using AI to segment your face and shoulders – only to put you and your co-worker
and classmates together in a virtual space. 

This space can be
anything – a coffee shop, a classroom, board room, etc. Some people have already
gotten a chance to experience this mode and they have given their verdict.  At first, some found it to be gimmicky as you
can actually pat the shoulders of the person you’re talking to. This mean, virtual
high-fives are real now. But really, it’s an exceptional experience as it
blocks all the distractions and allows you to conduct a normal meeting.

Usually, when you’re
video chatting with someone, it’s hard to pick up non-verbal cues. But with
this feature, you can actually notice minor body movements and understand the
hard to pick up cues while being geographically apart.

This mode will be
available for use in August. Initially, the auditorium view will be available
but don’t worry as the software giant is working hard to provide more views in
the future!

Apart from this, a
dynamic view is also on the cards for Microsoft Teams. This way, participants
can easily share their content or any material that may be important and useful
during meetings. Furthermore, some awesome video filters and live reactions are
also on their way! You can use the filters to adjust the lighting or increase
the focus of the camera. Live reactions come with emojis – which as we know are
the language of the future!

The most fantastic and
ambitious feature till date has to be the aim to get 1,000 to 20,000
participants on call so that people from all over the world could easily attend
webinars and conferences. With this, Team will offer live transcripts along
with captions and subtitles so that no miscommunication occurs.

Now all you need is a
USB Headset with Noise Cancelling Microphone and Volume Controller for
Conference Calls, Softphone Conversation, Clear Chat, Online Course, etc.
because Microsoft Teams will soon be equipped to handle the rest!

Updated July 9, 2020
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