Microsoft’s new PowerToys Run launcher for Windows 10 is now available to download

  • POSTED ON: May 20, 2020

A new Spotlight-like launcher app for Windows 10 is being launched today by Microsoft. It is designed to replace and refurbish the existing Win +R shortcut. It has the ability to search for files and apps across Windows and plugins like a calculator.

This update will support basic search tasks that are usually handled by the built-in Windows Start Menu. It will also perform the same commands as Run, but the latest update will be more powerful as Microsoft is now collaborating with an open-source community.

Microsoft is collaborating with the makers of Wox and WindowWalker and ensuring the incorporation of these projects into PowerToys Run. The early version will probably feature some bugs.

The new launcher will allow us to add custom web searches, snippets, and much more. The existing start-up menu of Microsoft handles search results from the web and directs you to Bing search results.

Microsoft is also launching a keyboard Manager PowerToy today. This keyboard is simple and permits Windows 10 users to redefine keys on the keyboard. Hence, if the Keyboard Manager and PowerToys are running behind, you will now be able to remap the keys. The Keyboard Manager is available on GitHub distro of Microsoft.

Originally, Microsoft reintroduced PowerToys last year and allowed everyone to improve their Windows 10 experience. It’s a quick way to put prototype features on the trail.

Updated May 20, 2020
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