Microsoft’s New Xbox App Lets You Stream Xbox One Games to Your IPhone

  • AUTHOR: dua
  • POSTED ON: September 26, 2020

You can now stream Xbox
One games directly to your iPhone, thanks to the big Xbox app update for iOS!
Soon, a new Xbox app will arrive in the App Store that will include a remote
play option, allowing you to perform the streaming directly.

Now, this remote playing
feature is different from Microsoft’s xCloud service which used to stream directly from the servers. But the new remote play features connect directly to
your own Xbox console. Microsoft’s remote play feature is similar to the one
developed by Sony –available for both android and iOS. 

You will have access to
the Xbox console through WI-FI, LTE, and 5G connections. Through this app, you
can also control your home Xbox and from outside your house. The Xbox will also
start silently only with a front light. After disconnecting, it will go
back to standby.

The latest Xbox app
recently arrived on android, and this updated iOS version consists of all the
same features and designs. You can now download and share gaming videos and
screenshots that are captured via Xbox Series X/S console or Xbox One.
Furthermore, there’s also an option for you to manage the console and delete

Obviously, the new Xbox
app is faster than its previous version. There’s been intense pressure for it
to have the same design and changes that are found all across Xbox. To prepare
for the launch of its upcoming Xbox Series X/S consoles in November, the
company has updated its dashboard and made changes to the core design. 

The update doesn’t
change anything for the xCloud streaming. Apple has forwarded the olive branch
so that services like xCloud and Stadia could have access but that would mean
that Microsoft may be needed to submit hundreds of games as separate
apps or individually. Microsoft didn’t appreciate this new set of rules by Apple.

Currently, Microsoft is
testing Xbox app with TestFlight members; this means that
the app will be available to download in stores for everyone sooner than we


Updated September 26, 2020
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