Microsoft’s New Xbox Series S Console Confirmed!

  • AUTHOR: dua
  • POSTED ON: August 11, 2020

to the latest leak, Microsoft will be unveiling its second, affordable next-gen
Xbox console later this month. From the looks of it, it seems to be the part of
the Xbox Series S. The leaked pair of photos suggests that the Xbox controller
will be in white and the packaging will denote the tag of Xbox Series S. Zak S,
a Twitter user has purchased the controller today and confirms that it’s

bought the controller from a resale site. He says that the packaging shows that
the controller can be used with both Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles. So
far, Microsoft has kept its lips sealed regarding the Xbox Series S. In fact,
it hasn’t even signalled that the Xbox Series X controllers will be white.

month, a mysterious white Xbox Series X controller appeared online. It had
complete textured triggers, new share button as well as the new D-pad.
Interestingly, this leaked photo matches the profile of the previously leaked
controller. The retail packaging also suggests that they may come to stores
sooner than expected!

Xbox Series S will serve as the second chapter next-gen Xbox for Microsoft. It
has been codenamed as Lockhart. If you’ve been up to the date with the leaks,
then you may be aware of the leak that occurred back in June. It basically gives
away the company’s plans for the upcoming two next-gen consoles. One of them is
apparently codenamed “Dante” and it permits the developers to enable a special
Lockhart mode.

Lockhart console is set to include 7.5GB of usable RAM as well as 4 teraflops
of GPU performance. Apart from this, it will be shipped with the same old CPU
found on the Xbox Series X.

has not commented on the current leak yet. 
A spokesperson has given this statement: “We have a lot in store for Xbox in 2020 and can’t wait to share with
you. However, we have nothing to announce at this time.”


Updated August 11, 2020
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