Microsoft’s Surface Duo To Release This September For $1,399

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  • POSTED ON: August 13, 2020

Microsoft has plans to release its Surface Duo double screen Android phone on the 10th of September at the price of $1,399. It’s been months since the Microsoft executives have been teasing this device on Twitter and other social media networks – and finally, the US citizens can preorder the phone from today! You can preorder the phone from AT&T, Best Buy, and of course, the online store of Microsoft.

The phone’s design was actually revealed back in October; the specifications were kept under wraps. Gladly, we now have all the information!

To start, the device has two individual OLED 5.6-inch displays (1800 x 1350) along with a 4:3 aspect ratio which ultimately connects them to form an 8.1-inch entire workspace. This device is nothing like the foldable phones being launched by Samsung because Surface Duo is utilizing the Gorilla Glass and the displays are set to work similarly so that multiple monitors could be played on Windows PC.

In regards to the camera, the tech giant is utilizing an 11-megapixel f/2.0 camera that includes low light automated modes, HDR multi-frame captures and the superzoom option. In addition, the video recording supports 30fps and a 60fps in addition to electronic image stabilization grant. Although the Surface Duo has only one camera, the good news is that it can be used for video calls and the main camera both.

The primary hardware of Surface Duo is composed of a 6GB of RAM Qualcomm Snapdragon 855, and around 256GB of storage. However, the device doesn’t support 5G service at all.

There are two batteries and they’re split between the separated displays. There’s approximately a 3577mAh of capacity that is less compared to the 4500mAh that is available in Samsung’s single-screen Note 20 Ultra as well as the Galaxy Fold. Despite all this, Microsoft guarantees an all-day battery life.

This, of course, should include 27 hours of talk time, stand by time of 10 days and local video playback of 15.5 hours.

Due to the presence of two separate displays, the android app is bound to run on the Duo without any alteration. The developers can optimize different layouts and benefit from the two displays available. Furthermore, Microsoft has managed to tweak its apps such as OneDrive and Office Suite – plus Amazon has made it suitable for the Kindle app so well that it feels like your reading from a book and actually flicking through pages.

Panay also explains that it has a brilliant algorithm and that is also very productive. For instance, if you are using one screen and invokes a link, that will display on another screen.

Hence, emails, Microsoft Teams, and PowerPoint can all be optimized well with the help of the two screens!
Panay closes by saying that at first, it was quite interesting. Indeed a head-scratcher. For this, I had many conversations with Satya. Since the tech giant must light up using every platform, we had a chat with Google and it was fun to partner with them. Initially, it was about getting to know each other and immediately we knew what is important for our customer and how we can make it possible. Indeed, it is amazing for Android and Google as well as for Microsoft.

Updated August 13, 2020
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