Microsoft’s Updates Just Sank To A New Low By Force-Feeding Edge Down Our Throats!

  • AUTHOR: anam
  • POSTED ON: July 4, 2020

It’s high time, Microsoft should stop invading people’s desktop! 

Source- Techpowerup

Don’t you just hate when unwanted applications try to meddle with our computer screens and sometimes hijack our desktop, taskbar and take over our entire system activity? There is no harm in recommending us to install good anti-virus software or tell us to stay away from shady websites, yet there’s a way to it!

With the introduction of Microsoft’s highly intrusive application that is none other than Microsoft’s new Chromium Edge browser itself, the company is trying to shove down our throats through the latest automatic updates.

Users are frustrated and highly annoyed by Microsoft’s new stunt of force-feeding updates when nobody has even asked for it!

When trying to restart Windows 10 desktop, the new application immediately launches itself, convincing us to ditch Google Chrome, pins to the desktop and taskbar itself (magically!).

This application doesn’t even care about your previous browser recommendation. There is a reason why we have set up our browser as DEFAULT!

As per the new update, you can’t even uninstall Edge anymore!

It feels like some kind of modern abuse on Microsoft’s platform, where you can’t even have the authority to decide what applications should be kept for use…

Well, many users are of the opinion that we would like to run whatever the software we want, and the Microsoft should stop dictating us what to use or what not to-or at least stop making changes on our behalf!

Over the last few years, it has become increasingly clear that Windows is becoming hostile towards its users. It may be in a better technical state than it’s ever been but nobody really appreciates its anti-users features, forced updates and policies disguised around it.

It’s no surprise that angry Windows users are already vituperating the fact that this new application comes along with Microsoft’s forced updates. And the only justification the company could provide is that it’s a new version of Edge that comes along with Windows 10. They are basically trying to secure our browsing experience and we still have the authority to say “NO”, which technically means force-closing Edge, strongly reiterating our browser choice and deleting the junk from the desktop!

Updated July 4, 2020
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