Microsoft’s Xbox Series X 1TB Expandable Storage Priced at $219.99

  • AUTHOR: midhat
  • POSTED ON: September 26, 2020

Microsoft’s much-hyped expandable 1TB storage
drive built for the Xbox Series X/S will cost $219.99.

Call it the next-gen console storage!

Gamers can preorder accessories for the latest
consoles from different online retailers, including Best Buy. These expandable
storages can be embedded in the slots of both the Xbox Series X/S to go with
the internal SSD speed and offer 1TB of additional storage.

The expandable storage solution is completely
owned by Microsoft with Seagate being the official manufacturer. Microsoft is
planning to get on board with more suppliers and increase the sizes
availability in the near future… but many Xbox buyers will still be surprised
by the $219.99 price.

The Xbox Series X comes with SSD of 1TB storage
and the Xbox Series S with only the storage of 512GB. With its expandable storage
for $299, the overall price of the Xbox Series S climbs up to around $520 if
you wish to have the additional storage to enjoy up to 1.5TB as a whole.

This means that the Xbox Series X will be a
jackpot in terms of storage for those seeking higher storage gameplay. Xbox
Series S games are 30% smaller in comparison to the Series X that will definitely
assist with storage options.

Source: The Verge

If you’re not a storage junkie or looking for
budget-friendly storage options, then a USB device can come handy in this
regard. You can store your games on a USB drive when you don’t want to play

We can’t really judge the pricing of these
expandable storage cards, as there aren’t any competitors that can match with
this particular gaming accessory. Although Sony has allowed its users to slot into the PS5 their own drives, only when the chosen-drives must be compatible
with the speed requirement of the internal SSD.

Samsung introduced its 980 Pro previously this week,
which seems like it may be a good option for the PS5 because of its fast
reading and writing speeds. The 1TB storage of Samsung is priced at $299.9, but Sony
didn’t clarify which drives are compatible with the PS5.

The advantage of the open approach of Sony is
that the pricing on compatible PCIe 4.0 NVMe SSDs will definitely fall over the
period because of the lower production rates and competition. Considering Sony
certifies several high-end drives, there will be plenty of options. Microsoft has
to up its game with compatible storage options and to lower down the prices
over time.

It’s interesting to see how the biggest rivals of
the gaming industry, Microsoft and Sony will explore the expandable storage
options soon in the coming month. But one thing is for sure: Microsoft’s pricing is
not going to be cheaper for early buyers.

Updated September 26, 2020
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