NASA’s “Smell of Space”, a perfume that smells just like space!

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  • POSTED ON: July 4, 2020

Now, astronauts are not the only ones who can smell space!

Source- Allure

Do you have that itch to know what outer space
smells and feels like?

Then, you should probably buy NASA’s Eau de Space,
a perfume that smells just like space.

After all those years, we used to assume space
smells like nothing, as it is a vacuum! But we were all wrong! Astronauts can
actually smell space and it has a fragrance that is somewhat comparable to
“seared steak, raspberries, and rum.”

All credit goes to a Kickstarter crowdfunding
campaign that brings the outer smell down to earth so that you can smell it

The campaign has raised nearly $250,000 so far, to
capture the scent into the bottle called “Eau de Space”, developed by Steve
Pearce, a chemist and founder of omega ingredients, and make it available to
all the space-enthusiasts like us.

Though, the scent was originally created to train
astronauts before launching them into orbit. And it has been solely shared with
the astronauts for in-field training for years. The Freedom of Information Act
(AOIA) requested to obtain that formula so that the public would know how space
can actually smell like.

In 2008, NASA called up Steve Pearce to bottle up
that scent and make it available to the general public.

“We’ve partnered with award-winning perfumers, some of the best in
the world, and secured the rights to launch this product exclusively,” the
campaign page mentions. “Our team consists of top Fashion, Tech, Design,
and Logistics experience — all with a desire to increase STEM through
experiential education.”

You can order the perfume in bulk, which comes in a four-ounce bottle,
according to the Frequently Asked Question Section of the Eau de Space
Kickstarter. If you would like to have it all day, you can even wear it as a

The campaign concludes on Aug, 17, 2020, so if you still want to smell
like outer space, then you better head to the website before it runs short.

How about gifting it to the space-lover, you’d know?

Updated July 4, 2020
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