New DisplayPort spec enables 16K video over USB-C

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  • POSTED ON: May 2, 2020

DisplayPort Alt Mode 2.0 is amongst the new Video Electronics Standards Association that permits UBS to provide all the bells and whistles of DisplayPort 2.0 standard alongside the transmission of USB data. This indicates that the support for 8K displays at 60Hz with HDR, 4K displays at 144Hz with HDR and 16K displays at 60Hz with compression. Now you must be wondering what is its significance. To start off, this is a huge leap towards USB Type-C becoming the master -of- all- trades connector.

According to the reports shared by AnandTech, the new standard remaps USB-C’s high-speed data pins unlock more bandwidth for video.

Hence, the USB 4 is bidirectional as it carries up to 40Gbps of data in both directions. However, that doesn’t mean that the video goes both ways too. The only time you need to pass data is when you have to pass it through your laptop to your monitor. 

Source: Redmond Pie

 The alt mode offered with this device contains other advantages as well. For example, you don’t need to possess a USB 4 controller at either end of the cable, but you do have the option of using the DisplayPort hardware at the display end. Hence, the displays can now be simpler and unique.

To get a comprehensive guide, you can head over to AnandTech as this is simply an outlined version of the announcement. The DisplayPort Alt Mode 2.0 may release by next year as per VESA reports. However, with USB, you have to be aware of the certifications and small print of your devices and cables to enable new features.

Updated May 2, 2020
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