Nissan Ariya Is Now A Real Tesla Model Y Competitor

  • AUTHOR: dua
  • POSTED ON: July 16, 2020

Last year, Nissan Ariya
was a hit at the Tokyo Motor Show as a concept electric SUV as it has a sleek
interior and an extremely advanced driving built-in panel. You’d be delighted
to know that the concept is now a reality and coming to the US next year!

Nissan is known for
being the OG in the all-electric options that are available in the US. With this
reveal, Nissan has come out as a top competitor for Tesla’s Model Y. It has
high-end features with a moderate price of $40,000!

Ariya promises up to
300 miles of range on a single charge! The battery pact sits on the car floor
and there will be four options to choose from.

Tesla’s Model Y, on the
other hand, starts at the price of $49,000 and promises a 316-mile range. Model
Y is considered to be the budgeted version of Tesla’s luxurious Model X.

Ariya’s wood paneling
consists of haptic controls which were seen on the concept car designed last
year in October. Apart from this, the features include Nissan’s own voice
assistant that supports hands-free driving in some situations. Highway exits,
lane charges, speed maintenance – you name it!

There is enough room
inside as it has a spacious foot place. A fold-out tray is also present for handy

Drivers in Japan have experienced
the hands-free driving mode already, so it will be an interesting sight to see
US residents experience it for the first time.

Ariya will launch in
Japan towards the mid of next year and the US models will go on sale in the
months following that launch.


Updated July 16, 2020
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